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[Plugin] CA Config Editor

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CA Config Editor


A simple plugin to allow you to easily edit any of unRaid's configuration files (or actually any file on your server) within your browser without having to go to the command line.  (including syslinux.cfg)


While most of unRaid's settings are available to be modified within its webUI, there are some cases where it is required / desired to manually edit them.  This plugin will allow you to do that.


Backups of files edited are automatically created (filename.bak), and can be restored by copying from the backup window.


Additionally, any file present on your server in any folder can also be edited beyond the .cfg files that shortcuts are available for.  This is helpful for when a docker application requires you to make some changes within its config files in the appdata folder, but either permissions prevent you from doing this over the network, or you're not familiar with the command line.


The usual warnings apply:  Changes to the configuration files could have unintended results if you enter in wrong values. 


Install it via the Apps Tab (where else?).  Either go to the CA Modules section, or search for Config and scroll down to CA Config Editor.

Once installed, you can find the plugin within the Tools tab.





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1 hour ago, CHBMB said:


Might want to add a disclaimer that you only support the plugin and not the potential problems people can find themselves in by modifying stuff though mate.

WOW! Cool AND Scary! What more could you want!


And it works as a file viewer of course. No more launching puTTY just to look at something. Midnight Commander F3 and F4 are now obsolete!




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( ^ in case you don't know what cr/lf mean)


- Various improvements in the UI and error handling

- Fixed: Preserve Linux or DOS style line endings when saving by default (previously, would save everything in linux format regardless of the source format)

- Added: Ability to switch between Linux or DOS style line endings

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It seems to mirror the purpose of "go". Its hooked in via one of the rc.d scripts if my memory hasn't failed me. I haven't seen anyone use it and I see more hooked in via rc.local.shutdown.


Apply ECC Bits as needed for this memory dump.

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I can confirm that if the stop file is present Unraid runs it as part of the shutdown processing.   As was mentioned it is a complement to the go file.


I have some drives I always want mounted regardless of whether the array is started or not so I mount them in the 'go' file.  I then use the 'stop' file to tidily unmount them as part of the shutdown processing.   This particular task  could now be handled by the UD plugin, but as far as I know the stop file is not deprecated.

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