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On 4/7/2017 at 2:38 AM, Squid said:


CA Config Editor


A simple plugin to allow you to easily edit any of unRaid's configuration files (or actually any file on your server) within your browser without having to go to the command line.  (including syslinux.cfg)


While most of unRaid's settings are available to be modified within its webUI, there are some cases where it is required / desired to manually edit them.  This plugin will allow you to do that.


Backups of files edited are automatically created (filename.bak), and can be restored by copying from the backup window.


Additionally, any file present on your server in any folder can also be edited beyond the .cfg files that shortcuts are available for.  This is helpful for when a docker application requires you to make some changes within its config files in the appdata folder, but either permissions prevent you from doing this over the network, or you're not familiar with the command line.


The usual warnings apply:  Changes to the configuration files could have unintended results if you enter in wrong values. 


Install it via the Apps Tab (where else?).  Either go to the CA Modules section, or search for Config and scroll down to CA Config Editor.

Once installed, you can find the plugin within the Tools tab.





i´m only seeing my flass drive after i innstall this trining to edit rtorrent rc file and i´m tottaly new at this and i´m stuck

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8 hours ago, Diddmaster said:

i´m only seeing my flass drive after i innstall this trining to edit rtorrent rc file and i´m tottaly new at this and i´m stuck

Don’t use the drop down menu. Click into the file path instead. This should open a window with all available paths that you can navigate.

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33 minutes ago, Squid said:

The first dropdown *should* work with the pre-populated items


The second one (after the "or") has to be entered in manually due to security changes in 6.10


The first drop down works just fine.  Manually entering the file path in second still doesn't work for me.   I've disabled all my adblockers, etc.


Happy to debug this further for curiosities sake, but I've resolved it by using nano in a terminal.

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21 minutes ago, Chris160179 said:

OK thank you.

I wasn't sure if unraid from 6.10 had a problem with the "CA Config Editor".

The issue is more why the File Manager is not letting you edit the files :)  In principle the CA Config Editor should now be superfluous.

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54 minutes ago, Chris160179 said:

Hello Squid,


unfortunately the "Dynamix File Manager" does not support the editing of config text files.

Can the "CA Config Editor" remain installed for this?



I don’t have any trouble editing config files with Dynamix File Manager. I just browse to the file, click it and a popup opens with the contents of the file to be edited. Perhaps you should investigate why that isn’t working for you.

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