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3 hours ago, elmn8r said:

Would be awesome if someone could help out the non-techies by creating a docker for xteve or the new telly.  I'll help anyway I can to test it...

I posted instructions for telly1.1 version (I think its 1.1) a few posts above which currently works fine, version 1.5 is still in alpha and is not functioning as it should right now. Its a very simple template and you drop a config file in the mapped folder. Use the above links to get a base config file and edit to your needs. There is also a container for xTeve which works but I dont think its on the appstore and you need to create your own template.

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Name: telly - an IPTV proxy for Plex Live TV Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/tombowditch/telly/ Git: https://github.com/tombowditch/telly unRAID template: https://github.com/tombowditch/doc

can we get a simple script to feed the EPG? IE in the telly docker add 2 more paths, One for the IPTV EPG download and the other for the .xml location. So telly would pull the EPG.gz and extract the x

This doesn't seem to be available anymore, any chance it could be re-uploaded?  thanks in advance

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29 minutes ago, KidCastro said:

Hi Rick, I have multiple IPTV entries but none start... also no options to put in M3U file port etc as per the original setup?

Map /etc/telly to appdata/telly/ and put your m3u there. Reference the m3u in telly.congig.toml as

M3U = "/etc/telly/xxxxx.m3u"

If I was starting now I'd use the xTeve docker though.

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12 minutes ago, Rick Gillyon said:

Map /etc/telly to appdata/telly/ and put your m3u there. Reference the m3u in telly.congig.toml as

M3U = "/etc/telly/xxxxx.m3u"

If I was starting now I'd use the xTeve docker though.

Thanks Rick, I also found Xteve but as per the post under that docker page.

I can't pass the channels into plex because I cant map them to the correct channel name... do you know what I need to do here?

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31 minutes ago, Rick Gillyon said:

Did you set CA to look in DockerHub?

I did, there are quite a few docker apps, so I have been installing some trying to find the correct one.

any of the dockers I install I cannot see, connect, or configure them accordingly



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52 minutes ago, Rick Gillyon said:

It's the one by jalle19:



Having said that, my advice is to do what I did, dump telly and the proxy and move to xTeVe. Far smoother and more reliable, using the built-in buffer in xTeVe there's no need for a proxy.

Hmm I see. Forgive me my 'skills' in the dept are not the greatest. I have been reading some guides and wiki's to see if I can get it figured out. I will do my best based on your screen above to start (using this container). See if I can get to at least where I can configure it. I get the container installed but I can't seem to connect to [IP][PORT] to start the configuration.

I will do my best, I appreciate the assistance.

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