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5 minutes ago, cmer said:

Hi @limetech,


Is there documentation somewhere that describes the purpose of each file for a theme, which ones to edit, etc? I couldn't find anything and I want to "do it right" instead of just hacking things together.



Thanks for wanting to merge into our "mainline", I very much appreciate it.

Best bet is to communicate with @bonienl.  We have found him to be very helpful and friendly, and now that World Cup is over, very accessible :)

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On 9/28/2018 at 11:24 PM, cmer said:

Is there documentation somewhere that describes the purpose of each file for a theme,

No official documentation exists. A short description of the stylesheet files found under /plugins/dynamix/styles

default-<theme>.css       core styles for GUI and common elements (this file plus "dynamix-<theme>" is required to make a theme)
dynamix-<theme>.css       core styles for additional elements (this file plus "default-<theme>" is required to make a theme)
context.standalone.css    styles for the popup menus used in VMs and Docker
default-fonts.css         defines default font family. Currenly defines "clear-sans" and deprecated "arimo" fonts
default-popup.css         styles for popup windows, e.g. "info" window
font-awesome.css          font family "font-awesome" definitions. Version 4.7 is used
jquery.filetree.css       styles for folder/file dropdown menus
jquery.sweetalert.css     styles for alert messages
jquery.switchbutton.css   styles for switch buttons, e.g. "basic view" or "advanced view"
jquery.ui.css             standard jquery-ui library. Mainly used by Docker configuration pages

Each "plugin" may add its own stylesheets, by design found in the folder "styles" under the specific plugin.

Certain pages have hardcoded style elements which overwrite the styles defined in the stylesheets


GUI construction is done by reading the file "template.php" which loads and reads the necessary Unraid variables before passing control to "DefaultPageLayout.php". This is where the actual construction of the GUI takes place. It loads the stylesheets, javascript modules and build the pages depending on the current selected view (note: GUI construction is fully dynamic).

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So, if I may ask without someone taking it too personally. There is a skinning system in place. Why not use it to provide the option for the old GUI look? The new GUI isn't terrible, but I liked the old one a lot. Orange is not exactly my favorite color, and I'm not digging the font changes. 


My constructive feedback: Seems to me the best of both worlds would have been to leave the old skin intact, and make the new skin a different menu option; default, but an option.


Can we get that? Also integrating the updated Marvel/Highpoint raid driver I posted like a year ago would be stellar. The endless warnings and no use of VT-d really stinks. It was a $600 raid card, bought before I was an unraid user. Please don't punish me forever.


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4 hours ago, DarkKnight said:

Why not use it to provide the option for the old GUI look?

The new look-n-feel is integrated in many parts of the GUI. It is impossible to revert everything back to the old look.

Even so, it gives a lot more burdon to maintain so many themes. The official four themes keep me already very busy.


You can however copy the old white and black theme style sheet files, perhaps rename them to 'white-legacy' and 'black-legacy', and they become available as another theme choice in the GUI. Doing so you must realize that not everything will be displayed correctly.


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Just upgraded from latest 6.5 to 6.6.7. IT was quite a shock, I thought I broke the update partially.


The black colour isn't appealing. I would prefer if the header bgcolor was still mainly white. The main menu items (Dashboard, Main, etc.) feels like it's together in it's own space at the top (black bg). No one will associate those menu items with the bottom section at all. It's totally disjointed with the white space with information. I would either change it back so that the menu items are actually prominent again, or make it a tab-like so that each selected menu item is visually 'together'  with the info below. Not sure if that make sense.


Azure is almost great for the content wise, except that the menu items are on the left. Either an option to keep the text expanded, or (which i prefer) move it to horizontal placement (follow 6.5's style).


Alternative colour schemes (which doesn't change the layout) would be great - bright/dark themes.


The display settings section is also confusing, it should be separated into Layout and Themes (and another for Misc like date format etc.). Lots of options, no photo/instant preview. People can select their preferred layout (displayed first at the top), then play with themes (second to be displayed), then misc. display settings like "Show array utilization indicator" or "Show banner" etc.

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