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Would like to get this setup as a docker if possible -


I know one can do the following - Enable docker hub searching in community applications, then search for and install it using the apps tab as normal. You may have to adjust some settings, but with an app this simple it'll probably work with little to no tweaking.


More info -





Any help would be great.


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ENV PORT 443  
ENV EMAIL mail@host
ENV HOST host.ltd
ENV SMTP smtp.host.ltd
ENV USER smtp@user
ENV PASS smtppass!
ENV DB netdb
ENV MONGODB "mongodb://"
ENV MONGODBCOL "meshcentral"

Add a new variable for each of the above (variable and the name is the 2nd item, its value is the 3rd).  You'll need to adjust the values accordingly for your setup


EXPOSE 25 80 443 4443 27017 27018

Add a new port for each of the above container ports, mapped appropriately to a host port


Then you should be able hit the shell for the container and do whatever it does according to the instructions

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@chip - were you able to get this working?


I am trying and I think I am close but I am getting this error:

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/home/meshserver/views/layouts/main.handlebars'

I connected to the console and do not see the directory "views" under "/home/meshserver"

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here you go :)

but some of these settings depends on meshcentral config inside container.



and this is my redacted meshcentral config file - i redacted it and removed all unused config parts. i'm using meshcentral behind my Apache reverse proxy.

  "__comment__" : "This is a sample configuration file, edit a section and remove the _ in front of the name. Refer to the user's guide for details.",
  "settings": {
    "Cert": "mesh.example.com",
    "WANonly": true,
    "_LANonly": true,
    "SessionKey": "redacted7",
    "_CookieIpCheck": false,
    "CookieEncoding": "hex",
    "_IgnoreAgentHashCheck": true,
    "Port": 8443,
    "AgentPort": 443,
    "_AliasPort": 443,
    "RedirPort": 80,
    "_ExactPorts": true,
    "WebRTC": false,
    "_Nice404": false,
    "ClickOnce": true,
    "_SelfUpdate": true,
    "_AgentPing": 60,
    "AgentPong": 300,
    "AllowHighQualityDesktop": true,
    "TrustedProxy": "",
    "MpsPort": 0,
    "AutoBackup": {
      "backupIntervalHours": 24,
      "keepLastDaysBackup": 5,
    "MaxInvalidLogin": { "time": 10, "count": 10, "coolofftime": 10 },
    "Plugins": {
        "enabled": true
  "domains": {
    "": {
      "Title": "example mesh",
      "Title2": "",
      "NewAccounts": false,
      "CertUrl": "",


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13 hours ago, chip said:

Ok uldiseihenbergs/meshcentral:0.6.56 works but when I try to add similiar settings as list above with the ports, etc it fails and disappears.

i just tested it without tag, and it works just fine for me..

if it simple disappears then something is wrong with settings.

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On 11/6/2020 at 7:13 PM, chip said:

I tried pulling the repo from https://hub.docker.com/r/uldiseihenbergs/meshcentral

and it says "The command Failed"


Ok uldiseihenbergs/meshcentral:0.6.56 works but when I try to add similiar settings as list above with the ports, etc it fails and disappears.

Hello, i Think your problem is the path from Container you take "meshcentral-files" take "/meshcentral-files" and it work

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I've configured it according the the screenshot above, but can't access the webUI, is that expected behavior?
Logs for the container look good (see below), but I get connection refused when I try to hit IP:455.

There isn't anything in the folders I configured, but perhaps that's because I haven't been able to set anything up yet?

Thanks for your work on this!

Installing [email protected]...
Installing [email protected]...
MeshCentral HTTP redirection server running on port 80.
Generating certificates, may take a few minutes...
Generating root certificate...
Generating HTTPS certificate...
Generating MeshAgent certificate...
Generating Intel AMT MPS certificate...
MeshCentral v0.7.30, LAN mode.
Server has no users, next new account will be site administrator.
MeshCentral HTTPS server running on port 443.


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7 hours ago, Ruthalas said:

The four folders I configured are all empty.

looks like you misconfigured your paths. from my docker page, all paths below - it's a container side paths.


Volumes required for persistant storage:

Optional volumes:


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Ah! I see. I naively copied what was visible in your first screenshot.

Thank you for the correction.

I've corrected the paths to match, and updated the container.
I still can't access the webUI, but can modify the config file directly.

My config file currently contains the default information- I anticipated configuring it from the WebUI.
Should I be configuring it via the config file instead?


Thanks for your help!

Edited by Ruthalas
adjusted for clarity
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