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The problem I have found with virt-manager is:

Unraids default virtual drive format makes it incompatible with taking snapshots. 

So any vm's that I just used the defaults on when I created them. I can't take snapshots. 


I agree, a native way to take snapshots from the web interface should have been a feature that was added long ago. I have been an Unraid customer for at least 8 years now and I love the OS, however, it hasn't seen much in terms of further development in that time. It's server software, so I get it, slow dev cycle. I just feel like it's been extraordinarily slow. 

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Yeah, just started using VMs in Unraid again after a long hiatus and I'm honestly shocked to see that it's not included. Previously it was all command line, so it was pretty much do it yourself or it didn't happen, but with the modern GUI comes modern expectations and snapshots are pretty much a necessity for any VM host.

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