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Does anyone have a good guide/process on changing the pihole hostname in docker? The container's console lacks an editor and I'm unable to get one via apt-get. - I also tried copying the files (/etc/hosts and /etc/hostname) back to my pc via Krusader, editing them, and copying back to the container... which resulted in the WebGUI no longer loading (by IP) after the container was restarted. - Applying "chmod 777" to the files didn't help either (as I assumed they were copied back as read-only).


Lately, attempting to pass the hostname variable via the container setup gets ignored, and only results in a new random hostname being generated (all of my other settings/data are preserved). - I should note that this seems to be the default behavior when running the container setup (i.e. new random hostname each time, regardless of the variable being passed or not).

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22 minutes ago, MarkRMonaco said:


Probably best to ask in its support thread

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14 hours ago, Paul_Ber said:

Should the animation be over top the App you are pin/unpinning.

No.  It's centered on the display.  It appears every time the browser makes a request to the server.

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14 hours ago, Squid said:

Probably best to ask in its support thread

Good call. - I'm following too many topics, and lost track of which one I was posting this on...

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