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3 hours ago, gxs said:

There are no errors. It's working fine.


The text could be somewhat smaller but I guess that it's for people that ignore the big yellow sign up top. Although come to think of it if they ignore the yellow sign even a big allcaps words won't discourage them. :)

We know the reader, not just you. Only it is unclear what it is that helps to state that the author does not take responsibility

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A plugin designed to scan your docker appdata share for folders that are no longer used by Docker applications and prompt you if you would like them deleted.   Formerly part of Community App

I've un-deprecated the plugin because it does have use and I still regularly use it for convenience.  There is now a huge warning though on the main page that if you screw up and delete an entire shar

ok, i was the stupid one, but this plug-in really ****** me over tonight. listed few old dockers which i didn't use for a while   binhex-sonarr  etc   but it was pointing

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I'm not able to delete this path:



It reloads the page as it was successful, but the entry stays. As nothing is in the logs, which command is used, so I could test it through the Terminal?

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6 minutes ago, Squid said:

rm -rf



Ok, I think I found the problem. I don't know why, but it seems I used in the past as container path a sub-folder inside of my plex docker container. Luckily it did not delete anything ^^


After deleting "UpdateTool" in Apps > Previous Apps, the entry disappeared.


What do you think about using the -v flag and put the results into the system logs?

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Yeah, it would've offered it up because the paths on the two containers weren't identical, but one was still in use so it couldn't actually delete it.

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