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Unraid VM shares?

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So I created a new Ubuntu Server 18.04 VM and noticed I had the option to set up an unRAID share and mount tag in the settings.




So I put in the following values. Booted into my VM, obviously the mounts weren't visible. So I did some googling and edited my fstab to what I could find:

UbuntuServer /home/daylend/UbuntuServer 9p trans=virtio,version=9p2000.L,_netdev,noauto,nobootwait,rw 0 0


Rebooted the server. Nothing appeared. Read that you had to edit some xml files but I also read that's inside the .img file now so it's not changeable? I assume that's what the unRAID share and unRAID mount tag values are for in the web UI now. I also looked through the wiki for more information on unRAID share and unRAID mount tag settings but couldn't find much.


How do I get this working?



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Posted (edited)

Did you make a directory inside your VM called /home/daylend/UbuntuServer and then reboot or mount -a to reload fstab?


I did the following:



Then I created the Directory "/unraid" not that the exact path matters could have used "/mnt/unraid" for instance and used that below instead of /unraid.


Then I added the following to fstab and rebooted:

unraid        /unraid            9p         trans=virtio,version=9p2000.L,_netdev,rw 0 0


And I got my user shares from my unRAID server listed when I "ls /unraid"


Hope this helps.


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So I went through everything you said, making sure it was all set up correctly... Everything looked good. But it still wasn't working.


I noticed your fstab didn't have the lines "noauto,nobootwait", so I removed those, and rebooted.

Now it works like a charm!


Thanks for the help! ?

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