Unraid 14th Birthday Case Badge Giveaway

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Started way back with ClarkConnect, had a small interim with Windows Server, went to OMV and FreeNAS until I finally found and landed on UNRAID. Being able to use disks of different sizes was the first and foremost reason to choose and stick with UNRAID. However, going on four years now and can't imagine using anything else anymore. What started as a file server has grown into a fully fledged server with enterprise-class features that I enjoy daily. 


Thanks Lime Tech! On to many more years!

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I've been using Unraid for about three years now, ever since I decided that it was unnecessary to have two computers running 24/7. I used to have a small server with a few VMs and my gaming PC. But then I heard of Unraid and thought: why waste the money and energy on keeping two machines up to date, when I could use all that money and save energy while getting a single better than both solution. Now I'm happily gaming on a VM while running everything else a lot simpler and safer than before. I have been a victim of 2 drive fail RAID5 before and at the time I did not realizing the importance of a good backup. Nowadays i feel safer than ever before. And the community around Unraid is just the best! Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday Lime Tech/Unraid


I'm a newbie to Unraid having been using for only the last 6 weeks on trial and then this evening purchasing my first licence.


First heard about you properly when looking up Plex Media Server and stumbling across Byte My Bits, then on to SpaceInvaderOne and wonderfully helpful tutorial videos. With then noticing some videos on Linus Tech Tips.


Really like the management screens and the ease of use in Unraid, and from only having used it a couple of weeks recommended it to a colleague. 


One thing I will say is that Unraid has caused me to spend more money, as originally I had just planned on a windows machine with a couple of drives in raid 1 format. Instead I now have six drives with a seventh one due to go once I add the LSI card and an unattached nvme drive.


Happy Birthday again guys 🙂


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The thing I love most about unraid is the incredible community behind it. All of the addons and plugins created by the community are awesome and the guidence/support they provide to users Is phenomenal. Very beginner friendly as well. Thank you unraid and the community and Happy Birthday

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On 8/7/2019 at 7:21 PM, Meeks said:

Can I just buy one of these?!

first, let me say, this product came VERY highly recommended... i'm actually still working on my build to set up my own Plex media server and will be using Unraid as soon as i have my components in hand and assembled i'll be buying a license.


second, Happy Birth-a-versary!  because this is more than the anniversary of a company, form the love and support you've drawn, you've created a loved 'child'.


third, i totally agree, whether i win or not, i would love to purchase these....

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