Unraid 14th Birthday Case Badge Giveaway

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Happy Pro-license user since 2010 (you were, what, 5 at the time?). First build was an i3 in a tower case. I actually just recently retired one of the last remaining drives from that build--not even due to errors, just wanted to rid my system of all old Green 2TB drives for speed purposes. Then, like many people here, I did a JohnM Atlas-clone build around 2012. Aside from adding another HBA and many, many disks, my server has pretty much remained the same since then, happily chugging away 24/7. 


Unraid is great for many reasons: the drive aggregation, the continual evolution (VMs, Dockers FTW), the reliability, the community... I've probably turned 10-12 people on to Unraid, and I don't even have many tech-inclined friends. 


Happy Birthday, Unraid!!

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I started with a simple FreeNAS server as a fun project a few months ago. It was fun but I was always having some issues with it. I figured that it was probably the lack of knowledge of even some basic linux informaiton. I decided to move everything over to UNRAID for fun and was amazed on how simple everything was. The darn thing just wants to work for you. I will be purchasing my Pro license soon and am so greatful of the Lime-Tech to continue supporting such a great product. I also would love to thank those of you here in the forums that are always helping others out. I can not count the number of forums that I read to add more functionality or troubleshoot something with the system. :)

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First and foremost, Happy Birthday 🎂🎉


Honestly, since I built my unRaid server it has not been a dull moment of sweat, tears, disappointments, excitement, happiness, and overall enjoyment. With the knowledge I've learned from the awesome community here, I've also helped 3 others build an unRaid environment and they have similar emotions to the experience. The environment started from a simple Plex server and just been growing into a production/development environment for programming and more. 


Again thanks for everything and I wish you a bright future and many more birthdays



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Unraid has improved my marriage! My wife and I game together, I had a desktop and her a laptop. Her laptop was... let's say poor for gaming. Enter unraid and now she's got a dedicated video card and 4 threads of excellence. I had to sacrifice a few of my threads for her, but it's worth it. Plus, when we're not gaming together I can just allocate all the threads and RAM to me.

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I went with unraid because it solved all the issues that I didn't like about raid. Not losing all your data if the array fails, adding drives as you need them and not having to rebuild/erase the array. Being able to use drives of different sizes. Are the main ones. Plus to finally move to an os with redundancy is the best thing ever. Haha.

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Happy Birthday unRAID!


Been around since January 2012, hard to believe I have been here for half your life. I purchased a dual Pro license back in the day and started with a YAGC (Yet Another GOLIATH Clone) by Johnm. I still have that build with the same flash drive, most of the internals have been upgraded. I then added another system to my environment by using the LimeTech D-316M case to use the second license. Along the way I have spread the word and brought several friends along the way to build their own unRAID systems. To this day I still help them out when they run into issues. It all started out as a way to manage my media collection, but with the addition of Docker to unRAID it has expanded. I use it for backups, cloud storage, reverse proxy, etc. I have really enjoyed the ride and hope that it will keep continue for a long long time.


Thank you!

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