Unraid 14th Birthday Case Badge Giveaway

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Unraid rescued me from the restrictive, underpowered clutches of OEM NAS units.


Unraid's anti-discriminatory nature accepts drives of all makes and sizes. In my case, it helped me use all of my drives in my array.


Unraid has become my server operating system of choice.

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I love getting out of the whole RAID life I lived before, knowing I can easily just add a drive when I need more space is such a blessing. Add in an amazing community (SpaceInvaderOne looking at you man) that can help you get through the unknown has been so great! Amazing dockers and VM support, couldn’t be happier!

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What I like most about unraid is dockers, vm and iommu video card pass-through. Love how you can do so many things with it. I have 11 dockers a 1 vm that runs about all the time.


With my next build I'm wanting to try running it as the main os and vm windows, linux and whatever else I need with it.  Hoping the iommu thing gets easier/better as time goes on.



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Happy birthday Limetech! Unraid has been a fantastic product for me. Finally an easy way to organize my Nas, deploy docker, and host VMs all under one super-easy-to-use package. Recommended this product to a few of my friends and we all enjoy unraid together. Thanks for the constant updates and for making such a great piece of software. 

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Happy Birthday!


I can't even remember how long I've used it, close to 10 years maybe? I just love that it's so easy to expand storage and fix failures, I'm never really that worried about catastrophic failures. Dockers are so easy, it's really quite great. The plugins and community are icing on the cake.

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