Unraid 14th Birthday Case Badge Giveaway

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After 4 years of building my various PLEX server versions, and constantly having to reinstall radarr, sonarr, PLEX etc. Unraid is first program that easy to get running back to where I had it and to combine everything I need, HARD Drives and programs to get what's in them where it needs to go!


than you!

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I've been a member since 06/11/17. I love the ease of use provided by unRaid. I love the webUI, as it makes it easier to manage the server without using a terminal. Managing an array and expanding storage is very easy to do. Having access to a collection of apps and plugins makes configuring a server quick.


Keep up the great work.

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Been an Unraid user for 4+years and counting.

Convinced my brother to have one at his house to manage his stuff using old hand me down parts without real issues (save for the impossibility to automatically upgrade in the latest versions with only 2GB of RAM). Never had major issues or surprise gotchas.

Still have an unused license from the old pro two packs :D

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Found out about unRAID when I searched for a replacement to my old NAS a few months ago and have never looked back.

I have two licenses myself, and just bought a new one for my friends server that we installed yesterday.

I love how easy everything works, and the Docker support is great.


Cheers! :) 


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Happy Birthday!


Been using unRAID since early 2017.  At that time, I was researching for a different operating system as Windows Server wasn't offering options that I was looking for.  The deciding factor for me was the ability to use virtual machines but having the ability to use docker just sealed the deal.  Ever since the initial install, it has been truly a great experience.  Since then, I've upgraded my system multiple times including adding more system memory and changing to a Ryzen 7 2700 processor.  To all the developers and community helpers, thank you.  Here's to many more years of success!

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I've been an unraid user for about a year now and still enjoying using it. I love installing new "apps" from the community app store and even had luck converting a few from docker hub. So much so I have about 25 containers running on my Ryzen based server now! 


I am really looking forward to some solid auth on the web front end with 2FA so that I can remote into the server without the hassle of OpenVPN and the such. 

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Im using unRAID since the beginning of 2018 and totally in love with my server ❤️ Im SysAdmin for 11 years now and IT stuff always was more than a hobby. To have a stable running OS on my server without much maintenance or problems makes my life at home much easier and relaxing 🙂

Before my unRAID server i was using several servers and network storages like a simple D-Link NAS, Synology or a Linux barebone system. But unRAID is much more flexible and powerful!


Hoping to get a badge for my lovely server ❤️

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I just checked and I bought Unraid on the 7th of August, so its close to the anniversary of my server too! I've only had it for a year but I don't know how I ever lived without it. Everything is so easy, which is not what you expect when your server is a laptop motherboard screwed into a wooden box with a USB hub and 5 USB-SATA adapters, with hard drives powered by a separate power supply turned on by shorting some pins with a staple. The only problems I've had have been power cuts (Thanks South Australia) and using dodgy hard drives.

Thank you Unraid for making my life easier and giving me a passion.

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🎉Happy birthday! 🎉

Joined in 07/2013 after I realized that some of my dozen 1.5 TB Samsung harddisks, that I had on the shelf,

were giving read errors when I needed them. 😱

Meanwhile I'm running 2 servers myself and another 3 builds are run by friends.

I'm very grateful about this solution and wish you guys good health and long lives to keep it rocking!

Many thanks and cheers! 🍻

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After starting out managing everything myself on an Ubuntu install then wrestling with FreeNAS for as long as I had it installed, unRAID was a breath of fresh air. SO easy, so stable, yet still very powerful. Best decision I made 4-5 years ago.

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I've been with Unraid since early v5 beta days (not sure how long ago that is now :) ).   I remember that was when 3TB drives were just starting to become readily available which is why I went with v5 rather than 4.7 which was the stable release at the time.


It is time I replaced the Limetech badge currently on the Unraid server with an Unraid one :)

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