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I was actually using FreeNAS before I discovered the powers of Unraid. 
My previous setup was too overkill, it wasn't cost effective for me to expand my array, I didn't have the need for snapshots...
When I was recommended Unraid by reading posts from the comments here, I was a bit sceptical at first, but the ease of the software was so simple. 
The community here has to be one of the best.  

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---------------THANK YOU YO EVERYONE FOR ENTERING! The winners have been announced at the end of this thread. ---------------   August 29th, 2019 will mark the 14th anniversary of Lime Techn

On Friday, August 30th, using random.org's true random number generator, the following 14 forum users we're selected as winners of the limited-edition Unraid case badges:    #74 @Techmagi

unRAID (as when I started with it) helped me get away from the off the shelf NAS products into a much more robust environment.  Originally starting with an 8-disk rack server, I quickly added addition

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Happy Birthday Unraid,


I came across Unraid by a mention in an LTT video and I suddenly thought "Wow, I am in need of just such a thing". I downloaded the trial and gave it a spin on some really old hardware.


It works super well and since then I have purchased new hardware, nothing spectacular, but it does what I need it to do: File storage, Plex server and Time Machine backups.



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My server first ran freenas, but after seeing a lot of video's about unraid, i decided it was worth it simply for the array parity and expandability options further down the line. Since then my server has more than tripled in storage size haha. I just keep finding new things to do with my server and keep expanding it.

I knew nothing about servers when I first started, and I still don't know much really, but thanks to the community and the usability of the OS, it's all very simple and approachable.

Keep doing what you're doing!

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Have been an avid user for a few years now, tried out Freenas and Esxi in that time too and nothing comes close. The community support has answered every question I've had, and the plug in range has increased 4 fold in this time too. 


Thanks Unraid, don't know where I'd be without you! 


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August 21st will mark 1 year since my purchase of a Pro license. After fiddling around with Windows Storage Spaces, ZoL, FreeNAS, and various other configurations, I finally decided to give unRAID a try. I am happy I did. Trying to get all my services to work nicely, while keeping some sort of data protection was key. unRAID just WORKS, period. I only have to login every couple days to update my Dockers and check operation. Couldn't be happier with my setup. I now spend my time on Reddit trying to talk people in my situation into giving unRAID a go.

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This year I decided I wanted to get away from my off the shelf NAS and gave Unraid a shot using some old hardware I had laying around.  Unraid worked perfectly and due to the way the hard drives are handled, I dont have to buy 8 larger drives at a time to increase space anymore.

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I have been using Unraid for about five years for work (with my own license for about three years). I have a hard time remembering my life before I learned of Unraid. I have always been a Data Hoarder at heart, but did it chaotically. Setting up RAID arrays have always caused me anxiety, purely for the fact that if I make a mistake, I can loose all the data (since it is striped). When I learned of Unraid and its use for data, virtualization and the built in docker support, it was obvious what I will use for my own server. Happy Birthday Unraid!

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I've been using Unraid for 3 years now.  So glad I found it and made the leap when I built my new file server.  I've convinced at least 2 other people to start using it also!  I have 2 Unraid licenses.  One for a fileserver and one for a 2 in 1 gaming PC.

I love the GUI and how easy it is to manage.  I hate how addicted I have become to creating new VMs all the time!


Happy 14th Birthday and here's to many more!

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I’ve had 3 different machines at home with different content on each and it was really a mess to handle everything. So when I found unraid, i decided to build ONE machine that does it all with low power usage. Been using unraid for a month now and will buy a license for sure, its freaking fantastic!! Love this community and all the support from Limetech, happy birthday and keep it up! :D



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