Unraid 14th Birthday Case Badge Giveaway

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I’ve been on Unraid for a few years now and have gotten two of my friends on it as well. My favorite thing about it is how perfect Unraid is for homelabs. Other hypervisors expect all their customers are companies and charge the price to match. And with unraid, we get some extra features that are easy to use like file shares and docker!

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Been using unRAID for almost 2 years. I was the first of my group of data hoarding friends to take a leap of faith. I will agree, the community is one of the best parts of the platform. I have not messed with dockers in the past and had a ton of questions, but the community was right there to point me in the right direction. They didn’t just give me the answer, they helped me understand what I was doing! 


Fast forward and and now we have 6 people all converted their collections of random data hoarding to unRAID!


Thanks unRAID and Happy Birthday!!!

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So I'll just go off of the template posted in the blog about this giveaway.  What I enjoy most about Unraid is the ease of use, I have had little trouble figuring out everything with the help of the community documents. I'm new to the Unraid world having only been running it a few months now but it's fantastic. Previously I was running a lot of what I have on the server now from my Windows Desktop PC having to leave it on 24/7, with that said, thank you Lime Technology for the fantastic software!

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Happy Birthday!!


Been rockin’ my first license since 2013 but used it for a few years prior when up to 3 drives were free. 

What started off as an array thrown together with scavenged parts has turned into my additional children that don’t speak. They just sit in the corner and hum. 

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Entering in this!

I've been using Unraid for close to a year now. I built my first server after I had built up a large collection of my personal photography and wanted a better way to store them, so I decided on a small personal NAS. That led me to Unraid's forums and now I've got a huge home server (didn't expect to though!).


Lots of help on here and the subreddit, cheers and I'd gladly display the badge on my case!

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Been using unraid for about a year and I now have 2 licenses for the pro, I use one for my server at home for a nextcloud storage and a gaming VM for my wife as she only plays minimal games, I also built a server for my mother and manager both of them easily with the web gui. All of this has been a great experience and I have enjoy every minute of it and the community.


Happy unraid day!

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Only a user for about a year, after deciding to build my own server last year. Looked at many options and once I found unraid I knew the search was over. Everything works great and the helpful forums are full of answers.

Keep up the great work.

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Unraid has made the greatest server I have ever created. Over the past 15 years or more, I've dabbled with Linux, tried a Windows setup, re-dabbled in Linux.... back and forth... until I discovered unraid. It was exactly what I was looking for, and is the most reliable solution I've ever come across for a personal server. 


I've even converted a few friends over to unraid in the past 2 years. I get the most enjoyment when I see their internal lightbulb go off and they see just how great unraid is!!


Happy birthday unraid!! Cheers to the future!!



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