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My New Dockers - Apache-PHP and Enhanced Calibre Server

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Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone has experienced something like what is happening to me. The other day we had a power outage and my server went down. When it came back up my MineOS docker's data was all gone. As sad as I was to loose all the progress my wife and I had made, we hadn't done much so I made a new server and we went on our way. Unfortunately we lost power again and all the data was wiped again...


I decided to do some testing. If I create server(s) and force stop and start the docker. The data remains, some of the time. If I restart the docker, the data gets wiped every time.


At this point I am looking to buy a UPS just to prevent power loss. I've also started to create backups of the entire MineOS to one of my unRAID shares. So if I do loose the data, I don't have to re-download and recreate everything.


I made a post, here, in unRAID general support if you want to look at the logs. 

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did the .jar download problem ever get fixed? I'm setting up a server again and had to manually dload, then manually move over. Not a show stopper, but just a minor inconvenience


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On 10/21/2018 at 8:02 AM, Jake Lowe said:

What is the default login for mineOS

minecraft/minecraft worked for me today


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On 2/2/2019 at 6:32 PM, physikal said:

Any chance the jar file issue will be resolved? @hernandito

I have not touched this docker in like 4 years. I believe there are more updated versions. Sorry.

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