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Unraid Merchandise Shop License Giveaway Thread

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Case: lian-li pc-q08

M/B: MSI - H81I (MS-7851)

CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz

Memory: 16 GB

HDD: 2*2Tb Parity + 5*2Tb Storage + 120Gb ssd cache

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Bought a sticker for my new future server, 19th of April.


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Bought a few licenses ove the years. I'll probably buy a sheet of stickers. I've never bought or put stickers on anything I own so limetech should be proud. smile.png&key=6c37b77f9c97bd40004f7293f78e2eaddbebed21fdd74698bfd67cf431f3bbf5


Build link that needs some updates now that I see it again.




Built a bunch of others but no build threads for them. (six currently under my command)


One other I built that I enjoyed making:



Been very happy with unraid more and more as it improves. Have convinced and suggested it to many friends and family.



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ok, posted this of one of my unraid servers.  The reason  picked this one is it is the first one I have had fail on me, so I documented the mother board swap to bring it back to life again.



It still is far from current hardware, and I even kept the old version 4.5.3 of unraid since it has run so long with no issues till the motherboard failure.


  I will say it would be REALLY cool to win a license, since I was just looking at buying another one for a 6.x server setup using a retired 1U SuperMicro server with a 4U Drive Expansion using an LSI 9207-8e HBA.

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