We have hired a new Staff Engineer!

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Hey Unraiders,


All of us at Lime Tech are very pleased to announce the hiring of @elibosley as a Staff Engineer. 


Eli has a diverse skill set and will be working on a variety of projects for us. Most notably, he'll be working on the My Servers team in the backend. 


Eli has been an avid Unraid user for years and he can’t wait to start building new features for the OS.  In his free time he likes to drive his Veloster N in Autocross events, explore caves, and play video games like League of Legends. 


Here's Eli's full bio:


I started using Unraid about 4 years ago when I was searching for an operating system to replace the Windows machine I was using as a media server. I wanted something that would have a ton of options to allow me to customize and grow the tools that I used, and my main concern was that I wanted extremely low maintenance requirements. I initially started with Unraid it was because I realized how much money I would save by not having to replace all of my drives at one time when I wanted to increase capacity, and it allowed me to switch from Windows (using storage pools ) to a much more robust and easily automatically maintained system.

My background has been as a frontend and full-stack web developer at a variety of companies. I started out doing consulting for an agency where I was building out commercial websites and working with their tooling team, where I learned a lot of low level Node and docker skills. I then moved into the cannabis market where I was working for a distribution company based in California. Most recently I was working for a large personal goods company when I realized that I had the opportunity to work on my hobby full time, so here I am!

In my free time I enjoy driving my car (Veloster N) at a variety of autocross and track events, as well as hiking, home renovation, and, of course, improving my Unraid setup.


Please help give Eli a warm Unraid welcome!

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Welcome Eli


We can always appreciate more people with good experience to promote the Community.


Look forward to see what develops with the My Servers App which I have been avoiding over the privacy concerns I have after reading the requirements for installing the App.

I am impressed with the Bio and am glad I am not the only one the desire to replace my Microsoft Media Servers. Wish I had gotten into UnRaid sooner but didn't get here till about about a year and a half ago. Before that I tried Open ******** , Open ****** and Xpenology but they had too many issues and problems with a couple of their communities. Best wishes and hope you go far.


Praise to UnRaid, the Superstars and Contributors. I am sure I have seen some of the contributor names in the forums of the systems I have left behind. So the contributors have extensive knowledge.


I turn 70 tomorrow and as can be expected I really appreciate the resources available from the UnRaid community as I move away from Microsoft.


20 years ago my Microsoft Technical Support Help Desk Job moved to India. I had to be conversant and able support products from DOS 5 through Windows 7. I draw the line at Windows 10 do not expect to use Windows 11. So that explains why the move has been hard for me to continue my education.


In conclusion I really appreciate UnRaid and all the community. I as of today have 2 Pro licenses and one Plus license. Supermicros all the way. 3 - 4U boxes and 3 - 2U boxes. I'll be able to retire some of the hardware and all the Microsoft Server licenses which are nearing End of Life.

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