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  1. Vielen Dank für die Infos. Ich habe rclone per docker eingerichtet. Wie hast du denn duplicati mit rclone verbunden bzw. wie setzte ich den Pfad auf rclone (die rclone config liegt im appdata ordner)? Ich habe es mal analog dem screenshot aus dem duplicati forum gemacht. Komme aber bei den Advanced options nicht weiter
  2. auch wenn es etwas offtopic sein sollte: Funktioniert Duplicati -> Jottacloud in Kombination mit der 7,99€ Personal Option (unlimited Space, 5TB Drosselung)?
  3. Hi zusammen, ich habe jetzt aucn die 6.10 laufen. Ich denke das Docker ipv6 hat sich nun wie erwartet gelöst. Wie erwartet vergibt jetzt Docker eigenständig IPV6 Adressen. Du brauchst auch kein VLAN (wobei ich am überlegen das wie mgutt zu machen, um eben mein netz nicht mit den ganzen Container Adressen zu überfluten).
  4. Hi zusammen, ich möchte den Thread hier nochmal rauskramen, da ich an dem Punkt bin und mein Netzwerk auf IPv6 umgestellt habe. Funktioniert mit 6.10 die ipv6 Vergabe an die jeweiligen Container problemlos? Ich bin noch auf 6.92 und wollte eigentlich erst zur Final wechseln. Mein Hauptgrund aktuell ist, dass wegen ipv6 mein adguard home auf dem host bzw br0 laufen muss. Ich aber hier in Konflikt mit Port 53 komme und deswegen keinen vm manager nutzen kann.
  5. Hi zusammen, Konntest du das Problem lösen? Ich bin am überlegen wegen den Stromsparqualitäten noch nen C246M-WU4 zu kaufen. Wenn ich aber die CPU Fan Speed nicht auslesen kann ist das etwas suboptimal
  6. hi all, maybe a stupid question. But how can i connect (manually, without discover?) the antennas docker with plex? My antennas should work fine in my docker container but plex can't find it as a device. Regarding the official documentation plex cant discover antennas from a docker container.
  7. Yeahhh it works now!!!!! I disabled whole docker and set a public dns on eth0. You are right, something blocked it. Many many thanks, i had never thought its something like this
  8. Edit: added installation screenshot There is no /boot/config/plugins/dvb-driver.plg Inside dvb-driver are the following files and folder: dvb-driver-2020.11.17.txz packages/ settings.cfg yes this could be. i use pihole. I disabled it and tried again with the same error. Please forget it. It was just an idea, maybe somethings wrong here...
  9. i guess i already did these steps. I did them again: I deleted: /boot/config/plugins/dvb-driver /boot/config/plugins-error/dvb-driver.plg Then reboot & installed the plugin. Before reboot: After reboot: The plugin is still under install error. I guess i deleted everything. Whats preventing from installation? Edit: Could it be a modules problem? /lib/modules/5.8.18-Unraid 🤯
  10. Good Morning, thanks for your help. - This is a fresh usb stick with DVB Driver Plugin. /dev/dvb works and the plugin has no error. - This is normal, productive unraid with the plugin problem. The folder /boot/config/plugins/dvb-driver was still available. I deleted this folder and made a reboot and reinstall. Without success. Same issue.
  11. Hello, I have a TBS 6205 Card and the driver isn't working. The plugin installation failes after reboot and the installed plugin disappears. I selected the TBS or Libreelec driver. Same issue. I tested unraid with a clean, fresh usb stick and trial key and it worked. Something must be wrong with my configuration.... I hope you can help my, Thanks!!!
  12. Hi all, the device status icon of the unassigned devices (or the whole plugin icons) looks still blurry and has no flat design. Is it possible to fix this? thanks a lot!
  13. Could you please also add the new HP Microserver gen10plus: thanks a lot!
  14. Hi guys, thanks a lot for your answers! The solution was: and This increased my reading speed to 60-100 MB/s. It's not always 100MB/s (I don't know why) but it's significant faster than before. The speed changes from file to file, very strange BTW: my writing speed has also increased
  15. Hi all, I'm a new Unraid user and i'm very happy so far, except of my reading speed from the array. I did a lot of tests and I'm very confused about the transfer rates. That's the Situation: - 5 Seagate 4TB HDDS (2 Parity). - 2 Samsung 256GB Cache Disks - 2x1 Gigabit Link Aggragation Network - The best reading transfer rate from the array is around 50 MB/s. Small file have 35MB/s. Large files 50MB/s From Cache Disk full 100 MB/s. I expected also 100 MB/s from the array. -, version 2.6.4 came to the following result: /dev/sdb (Cache): 565 MB/sec avg /dev/sdc (Cache 2): 565 MB/sec avg /dev/sdd (Disk 1): 163 MB/sec avg /dev/sde (Disk 2): 152 MB/sec avg /dev/sdf (Disk 3): 163 MB/sec avg /dev/sdg (Parity): 152 MB/sec avg /dev/sdh (Parity 2): 149 MB/sec avg Now it's getting more weird. I made a CrystalDiskMark via mounted Network Volume (no cached share) and the results seems to be okay. So there shouldn't be a transfer issue with my harddrives. But where is the bottleneck? It can't be the Samba protocol or the network, because my cache disk is very fast via samba network. (FTP has the same transfer rates). Why do I have just a maximum of 50MB's transfer speed instead of 100? Please find the attached screenshots. I hope someone has an explanation. Thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english.