Unraid OS version 6.12.6 available


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Please, maybe I missed something, but I asked about where to report new linux kernel realtek bug. Here in unraid is being reported:


On 12/14/2023 at 9:10 PM, primeval_god said:

The place to report / discuss this in the unRAID forums is here, at least i am pretty sure that is the same issue. As for reporting the issue upstream i havent a clue where to go. 


We've been told to report to real responsibles of the kernel:


On 12/15/2023 at 1:11 PM, sonic6 said:

the main reason why people are telling this to you the following:

the more people are reporting the, the higher is the chance that this issue will be solved.

you are in the same boat with other users. if you all report it at the right place, then the chance that this will be fixed, it muuuuuch higher then it will only reported by a few unraid devs.



But , if unraid can't fix it, could they pave the road? could anyone with knowledge about if this type of things ... help? I gave more detail about how confusing is for some of us all this mess:

On 12/19/2023 at 12:31 AM, vmasip said:

So, at the end of the second link, someone comments about the issue, but is redirected to create a new bug. He creates this:



would we have to report here? maybe other threads where patches were being discussed.

Please, advices here.



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Just upgraded from 6.12.4 to 6.12.6 and this is the first time I have had any issues with upgrading.


Now every device tab under Main is empty.


EDIT: Thats weird. After a while, about 30-60 minutes or so, the drives are now visible correctly in the device tabs.


I thought i saw something reported about this somewhere couple days/weeks? ago but can't find it at the moment. Should I revert to the old version and how do I do that in that case? Asking cause haven't done that before.

Just to mention that I forgot to take backup of the usb before upgrading (I know). But there is a /boot/previous folder on the usb now that seems to be the previous files.

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1 hour ago, Teppos said:

Should I revert to the old version and how do I do that in that case?

I would keep the current release for now, but if the issue keeps happening you can revert by going to Tools -> Update OS and then click on "Restore" on the Unraid OS (Previous) line.

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Hi a bit of Time passed, so i am Wondering if the ASPM Thing with my Realtec Nic could be fixed? 

Sorry i would love to report to Kernel Team and all the Things thats discussed here.. but i dont understand whtat they write or how to Post things there.. 


I get it, that Unraid wont fix it, becouse its a Kernel Thing.. but maybe someone could tell me how to look up, if this is fixed now? 


Sorry i am not a developer or an IT Guru, just a simple unraid user :) it's way to much for me to understand these things,.. 

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I am trying to update from 6.9.2 to 6.12.6.  When I update the OS, I get a "File I/O" error:


plugin: updating: unRAIDServer.plg
plugin: downloading: https://stable.dl.unraid.net/6.12.6/dc1b0af33b30d3fc31de78a5def0ef44803371876162269bb4b97e537c3c0ec9/unRAIDServer-6.12.6-x86_64.zip ... failed (File I/O error)
plugin: https://stable.dl.unraid.net/6.12.6/dc1b0af33b30d3fc31de78a5def0ef44803371876162269bb4b97e537c3c0ec9/unRAIDServer-6.12.6-x86_64.zip download failure (File I/O error)


I verified my flash drive is not read only.


I did some searches and I saw earlier threads where people who had 1 GB RAM got this error, i.e. at least 2 GB of RAM was needed to do the update.  One of my servers has 2GB of RAM and it fails with the above error, whereas my other server with 4GB of RAM updates fine.


Does the update now require 4GB of memory just to do the version update?



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5 minutes ago, rockinoakes said:

Does the update now require 4GB of memory just to do the version update?

Probably yes.   4GB is now the recommended minimum for running Unraid.


you can do the upgrade manually using the process covered here in the online documentation accessible via the ‘Manual’ link at the bottom of the GUI or the DOCS link at the top of each forum page. The Unraid OS->Manual section in particular covers most features of the current Unraid release.

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On 1/1/2024 at 3:38 AM, JorgeB said:

@mrhandersonand @jakea333when you can please try again after blacklisting the IPMI GPU:


echo "blacklist ast" > /boot/config/modprobe.d/ast.conf


Apologies for the long delay, but I wanted to let you know that this does resolve the issue for me. Thanks for your guidance!


It will drop the BMC connection during Unraid start, but that's not a big issue for me. I primarily use it for BIOS access and non-boot troubleshooting.

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