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Enhanced Log view with lines highlighted in color

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4 hours ago, JohanSF said:

Any chance of an option to reverse the order the log is viewed?

It's tiresome to have to scroll so far down everytime I want to view what just happened.

Ctrl-End takes you to the bottom of the log.

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On 27/09/2017 at 10:02 PM, dlandon said:

Ctrl-End takes you to the bottom of the log.


Or you can click the Log button at the top right of any page of the GUI to pop-up a window showing the last few lines of the log. It's a core unRIAD feature that works independently of this plugin and I find it very useful.

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Hello - (first post from a noob).


I recently migrated away from Nas4free having had years of uneventful (and welcomed) use. My unraid is all working very well but on 2 occasions it has stopped: Not shut down but something has stopped disallowing access via network. Console hasn't given any clues to me either.  My linux experience is v. poor. 


I believe I need to be able to write the syslog actively to a drive locally so that I can understand the nature of the problem. Does Enhanced Log viewer allow me to do this?


Forgive me if I am on the wrong thread. 


Many thanks




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No it doesn't.  What version of unRAID are you using?  If 6.4 then post in that forum.


Look at this post for help:


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8 hours ago, cjhammel said:

Color scheme for the Black theme does not work very well.

color scheme.jpg

Update the plugin and then go to Settings->Syslog Settings and go to the Colors tab and click the Default button.  This will load the new default color scheme that is more compatible with the black theme.

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With or without this plugin, the log page looks exactly the same. Am I missing something?


SOLVED: Okay, the plugin doesn't actually replace the LOG icon that is located on the top right corner, it creates a link under the TOOLS tab.

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