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The plugin links to a dead site/domain, it looks like? At one point, there was a logo of some type, but it was very generic and had a message about the domain, but it only showed up one time. I refreshed and had not seen it since.





Going to that link took me here:



Trying to remove the https from the url takes me to here, which is just a blank page, it seems:



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Hi! I'm using this FileBrowser docker image. I've used the flag --user 99:100 but since umask is 0022 instead of unraid's default 0000, any file/folder created using FileBrowser can only be written by user "nobody".

This means that when accessing my shares via SMB I cannot edit the files or directories created in FileBrowser.


Is there any way to change the default umask value in the container? I know some images have this option built in, but it is not the case with this one.

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