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ok new special snapshot tagged version has been made available, this has the netty fix included (snapshot 22w24a), please do the following to use it:-


1. unraid webui/docker

2. left click edit minecraft container

3. edit 'repository' and append :snapshot-22w24a to the repository name

4. click apply to pull down tagged version


once 1.19.1 has been released then simply reverse the above to get back to latest.

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On 7/18/2022 at 1:28 AM, dabbler455 said:

I do the same with cloudflare DDNS, wasn't sure if there was a way to accomplish it using a cloudflare SSL cert. Sounds like it isn't supported by minecraft yet


[other forum post]

'Where did you see in the documentation for minecraft bedrock server that it supports ssl encryption via a certificate?'

[other forum post reply]

"I don't run bedrock, I run the java version of Minecraft. I don't see any documentation on it but normally that doesn't stopped skilled people from figuring out a way to make it work :D."

I see your question on both forum posts, and I think you are under the impression that you can add encryption to anything using an ssl cert. This is not the case. It is impossible to simply add encryption to a stream on one side of the connection and have it work.


When a client makes a connection it is expecting a certain type of response. If you alter that response to be an encrypted reply, then the client receiving this encrypted reply has no idea what to do with it. To resolve the issue you must patch both sides of the communication, so make a change to the server side to enable encryption and then on the client side make a change to allow for this new method of communication. In web browsers this change was done in 1994 by netscape, they created a client side browser that could communicate in HTTPS and a server side implementation was developed in 1995 for testing and never released until 1996 where they had improved upon the design (the dates might be a little fuzzy but something like that). Once both server and client side coding was done then https was functional between client and server.


To achieve the same thing you would have to do the exact same thing - encrypt the server side communication and then rewrite the client to be able to communicate in this new way/add support for the encryption method you chose. As the client app is released by a company (Microsoft essentially) they would have to add this into the client for you (you dont have access to the source code presumably).


Another alternative is to separate the server and encryption from the app and run it as a separate layer on top so have a server that encrypts anything it sees (with no understanding of what its looking at) and the client decrypts this and then passes that stream onto the app (with no understanding of the data). This is how a VPN like wireguard works, however it adds an additional layer of complexity and incompatibility. For example it would be inconvenient to have to establish a VPN to every server you wanted to connect to via HTTP if https had never been developed. Similarly it would be less convenient for people to connect to your MC server if they must first setup a VPN in order to do so.

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13 minutes ago, stazza said:

hey! so I downloaded both the binhex Java and Bedrock servers but my server won't let me run these two simultaneously? I get an execution error as attached below. how do I fix this? 


oh jokes! it was a simple as issue, the web GUI of both containers was mapped to the same port. a quick change of ports fixed it right up!

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1 hour ago, spacedavid said:

Anyone have simple instructions for setting up Geyser or if there's an easier way to get a server running so both Minecraft editions can join together? 


Yes please.

I configured it (I think) - but it never worked.

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