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8 minutes ago, Draconicwraith said:

Here is the run command from the Java server.  I have the Bedrock server running currently, as there is at least 1 person playing currently.


quick look at my docs and im pretty confident its related to port 8222, which is present in both containers, you need to change the host side port number to be unique, so make one 8222 and the other 8223 - you get the idea.

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that did it!  I can't believe I missed that.  That being said, I am literally starting to go blind, so...


Having the same issue with MineOS, so will look into the ports on that one as well.


Thanks again!


EDIT:  main port of 8443 doesn't seem to conflict, however the secondary port range seems to do so.  Even changing that port range does not fix it however.  Please let me know where I need to post for MineOS support.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well, I messed things up. Everything had been working perfectly with my binhex-minecraft docker and world. I decided to add a graphics card to my unRAID setup to experiment with cloud gaming via VM (I was following this guide:  https://forums.serverbuilds.net/t/guide-remote-gaming-on-unraid/4248/7 (pasting the link here doesn't seem to work). Before I got to Step 7 in creating the VM, I decided to make sure nothing was messed up with Minecraft. Alas, things were messed up.  There appears to be a ton of server latency now, and it disconnects between 30sec - 80sec with the error: "Connection Lost - Internal Exception: java.net.SocketException: Connection reset."  I have to shut down the server, and restart it in order to join again. But, the same issue occurs. I've removed the graphics card, and uninstalled the plugins I used in the guide, but the issue still exists.


Any help is appreciated.

UPDATE: I copied the binhex-minecraft appdata, and went ahead and nuked the docker installation.  I reinstalled it, had it generate a new world, then overwrote that world folder with my old one.  It works!  No more issues. Though, I still would appreciate insight on what could have caused the issue. I'll attempt the graphics card installation another time, but skip all the pre-work from that guide since it more than likely caused the issue (or running one of the plugins).

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On 4/17/2022 at 4:50 AM, Jalen said:

crash-2022-04-17_06.55.38-server.txtHi, I'm new to this, it seems like my server would crash randomly when i play with my friends, i have read the crash report the docker give me, but i couldn't understand most of it, can someone help me find out why my server crashes?

Also, the docker Web UI console would sometime gives me warning saying server can't keep up.

crash-2022-04-17_06.55.38-server.txt 24.62 kB · 1 download


I am getting similar crashes, as well.  I thought I had fixed it (see above post), but it is randomly crashing.  The error I mostly see in console is that the server failed to keep up.  My unRAID server is connected via ethernet to 1000/1000 fiber service. I'll buy you another beer for help, binhex.


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3 hours ago, ZurkeyDurkey said:


I am getting similar crashes, as well.  I thought I had fixed it (see above post), but it is randomly crashing.  The error I mostly see in console is that the server failed to keep up.  My unRAID server is connected via ethernet to 1000/1000 fiber service. I'll buy you another beer for help, binhex.

crash-2022-04-20_21.38.21-server.txt 31.38 kB · 0 downloads

you are probably best off getting the crash report read by somebody who knows the internal workings of minecraft (not me) so you might want to post on the minecraft support forum (assuming they have one). 


if i were to guess though, i would simply assume that your server hardware is not able to keep up with the minecraft players demands and this is causing minecraft to crash, but yeah try somebody more competent than me.


EDIT - worth a look at some suggestions here:- 


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey i am currently in the process of transferring my Minecraft Server to your docker Container. I got most things figured out, however i got two questions

  • Are there any relevant changes to server.properties i need to implement in my old server.properties, aside the different IP?
  • How do I add custom JVM Flags? I found the STARTUP_CMD key, however I don't know what to put into it. Just the custom flags, my complete startup script or just the location of my start.sh?

Thank you for your work and time

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On 4/18/2022 at 8:21 AM, MaximusDecimus said:

Anyone have any luck starting a forge 1.18.2 server?

I've had no luck, followed the guide outlined by KryptikHermit. Vanilla works without issue though.

Apologies if this has been answered somewhere and I missed it.

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I'm also having issues setting up a 1.18.2 Forge server. I can't seem to find the guide that Maximus is referring to either.
It appears that the latest versions of Forge use Java 17/18, and modern server setup installs Forge as a library in the server files. Starting the server requires a lengthy command that appends multiple files worth of arguments together. Any chance that we can get support for this in the future? Or is that outside the scope of this Docker container?

It seems like a potential fix would be allowing to specify custom Java arguments in the template.

For reference, I'm trying to setup a Direwolf20 1.18.2 (1.0.0) server using Forge 40.1.19

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First of all, thanks for a great server app.

Ive been running this server for a while now and the kids and mates love it.


As i couldnt get your backup working (i created a backup folder but it remains empty), i just used" Backup/Restore Appdata" to back up at 1am each day, then using "User Scripts" the server shuts down at 2am.


Alexa uses a skill called wake on lan to wake the server at 4pm each day as a routine


My question is, how can i send an automated message before server shutdown to let users know they have 10 minutes etc.

Im assuming its possible with "User Scripts" but i dont know how?

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3 hours ago, binhex said:

it looks like the image built, all good?

Looks like there might be some error with Java version. The server runs but I'm getting 1000+ms to my local server and getting below error. Maybe Java version needs to be updated? Issue doesn't happen if I revert to 1.18.2


[22:27:25] [Netty Epoll Server IO #1/WARN]: Unexpected exception in the selector loop. io.netty.channel.unix.Errors$NativeIoException: epoll_wait(..) failed: Function not implemented


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Yup same errors and lag over here as well. On both binhex-minecraftserver and binhex-crafty




On the thread, Johnibur says it's been fixed, and we have to restart our Minecraft Launchers. I've tried that, with both Latest Snapshot and the Release 1.19, same errors and lag.


Seems like json files are supposed to be for editing specific Minecraft models, like making new blocks or things like that. Not the sort of file we're supposed to open and apply on our Windows clients.



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1 hour ago, Minimushroomman said:

The bug has been flagged as fixed. One of the helpers claimed there was a library update, but the fix looks client side. Not sure if there's something you need to do manually.

Here's another report of it:- https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-252683 says its fixed in Future Version - 1.19+ as compared to the other bug report, so might just need to wait for Mojang to push an update?

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Trouble with multiplayer realms seems to come and go with MC updates with some fixes server side and some client side.  Playing local LAN multiplayer is how its done in my house and there hasn't been any noticeable lag with 1.19 as others appear to be reporting.  We are keeping view distance at or around 10 which has helped keep some lag noted with the release of 1.18 down, but takes away from enjoyment of exploring across the surface campaigns which we have learned to plan for and temporarily increase viewing distance to at or around 12 during those campaigns taking the punch for lag during that time.

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