Unraid OS version 6.9.2 available

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25 minutes ago, ikiwi said:

Nginx did not start after update. SSH is available, all dockers seems to be up and available, but no web interface.


nginx: [emerg] invalid port in "*:98080" of the "listen" directive in /etc/nginx/conf.d/emhttp-servers.conf:37


Make sure you have valid ports configured.



See also /config/ident.cfg on your flash device



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2 minutes ago, bonienl said:

See also /config/ident.cfg on your flash device





/boot/config/ident.cfg                                                                                                     664/664               100%
COMMENT="Media server"


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Has anyone using Seagate drives updated to 6.9.2 yet?  I'm still on 6.8.3 due to people posting that their Seagate drives were having errors and dropping.   As posted by @TDD, the issue is a result in a recent merge into the combined mpt3sas driver and kernel.  It was all fine under 4.19.  TDD also said that he reported this bug , so I would like to know if 6.9.2 fixed the issue before I try to upgrade.  I have not made any changes to my Seagate drives and my server is rock solid with no issues and uptime is at 329 days :)


I would rather not have to disable the EPC or the low current spin up settings on all of my Seagate drives if I don't need to.

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14 minutes ago, DuzAwe said:

I have almost all Seagate drive and have had no issues.

That is awesome to hear!  I think it may have to do with which controller is in use.  Mine is a LSI 9305-24i x8.  I see you are also running LSI card.


Weird how some are having the issue and some are not.

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1 minute ago, optiman said:

That is awesome to hear!  I think it may have to do with which controller is in use.  Mine is a LSI 9305-24i x8.  I see you are also running LSI card.


Weird how some are having the issue and some are not.

Its just one of those things I guess with so many variables in set up it could be anything causing the issue to express for some and not others. I had (hoping its fixed now) with the Vlan issue locking up my box every few days. 


If it helps at all firmware on my LSI is the most recent 20 something I think. Need to update my sig I also swapped to ECC memory in the last few weeks due to issues with BTRFS.

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I upgraded and rebooted and now my server is unreachable.  I was running on 6.9.1.  I Had My Server installed and running.  I can't reach my server either locally or remotely.  I do have a monitor and keyboard attached and can confirm the system is running.  It responds to ping as well.  I can login locally, but I don't know where to go from here.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I'm stuck on "Reboot Now" it spins for a bit then throws a 504 Gateway error. I also tried to reboot via the typical "Reboot" button, no dice. I SSH'd in and was able to reboot but it didn't update to the 6.9.2 and still shows the "Reboot Now" banner. Any thoughts?

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15 hours ago, ezhik said:


Not to be the one to complain, but we need to turn from reactive to proactive. I genuinely appreciate the support here and the dev work put in here, but couldn't this be anticipated and communicated out to the developer ahead of time?

If we are trying to bridge the gap between core product devs and community devs, this could be avoided :)


In either case, no harm no foul. The system is running and we can wait for the fix.


We're working on a design that lets driver plugins be automatically updated when we issue a release.

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20 hours ago, Squid said:

If the system has to kill off processes that are holding up the shutdown process, then this happens.  Could be as simple as a a command prompt sitting somewhere within /mnt/user, or could be a container that refuses to stop.  A lot of time, it's a Windows VM (in Settings - VM settings, set the system to hibernate everything during shutdowns, and install the virtio guest tools on the VM)



Do you have a link to the virtio guest tools install or are you talking about the guest-agent directory on the ISO? (quemu-ga-x86_64.msi)?

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On 4/7/2021 at 4:46 PM, limetech said:

Now, we are a more sophisticated NAS, application and VM platform. I think it's obvious we need to take the opposite approach: security over convenience. What we have to do is lock everything down by default, and then instruct users how to unlock things.


Please provide the instructions for doing this in the Official Unraid Manual (the one you get to by clicking lower right-hand corner of the GUI) and not just in the release notes of the version number when the changes are introduced.  Remember that many folks are two or three releases behind and then when they do upgrade they can never seem to locate the instructions which results in unneeded queries that the folks who provide most of the support for Unraid have to deal with. Having an updated manual section that deals with these changes makes pointing these folks to find what they will have to change a much similar task...


EDIT:  I would actually prefer that you link directly to the manual sections in the change notes.  That way the information will be available in the manual when the changes are released!

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