Unraid OS version 6.9.2 available

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3 hours ago, DarkMan83 said:

Does anyone still have the docker problem after reboot/cold boot?

each time only some dockers started (random and regardless of bridged or br0 etc.) after reboot and i have to disable and reenable the docker service?

On one of my servers I do, but on the other it is gone....

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1 hour ago, bigmak said:

Upgraded 6.9.1 to 6.9.2 successfully.


Only issue I'm seeing is that all help sections are starting expanded and some can't be minimized.

are you saying that the ‘?’ Icon at the top right of the GUI is not working to switch the help on/off?


If this is the case then the state of the help display is stored in a cookie so clearing the browser cookies could fix this.

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On 4/8/2021 at 10:40 AM, jonathanm said:

You are missing the distinction of a controlled shutdown / reboot vs. crash / lost power situation. The issue seems to be that on some systems and configuration the proper methods of shutting down and rebooting the array via the GUI or command line are not acting correctly, forcing a hard shutdown and triggering the appropriate parity check.


Pushing the shut down button in the Unraid management GUI should NOT cause a parity check on subsequent boot, but something is going wrong in the shutdown routine.


I believe there is a timeout to kill processes that is being ignored, and altering a setting and saving the changes fixes the issue. At least that's my recollection of the resolution.




You are absolutely right. It happened to me too. Changing time outs didn't help.

Just by coincidence I played around with the vm-guest additon after updating to the latest virtio driver. 

It then worked. For this server it was important as it is one with a daily VM and basically shutdown after use (I believe sleep didn't work).


But not on my other server, where no windows VM is running; only an XPEnology NAS - for which I don't think there is a guest VM addition. There I still have a parity check after controlled rebooting from dashboard.

Fortunately that (small) server is supposed to be running all the time, so not really a problem to cancel the parity check after occasional reboot. 

But just reporting that somethign is still broken.

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I was waiting for a couple of minor revisions before upgrading from 6.8.3, just did it this morning, straight to 6.9.2, the update was seamless. I even added a disk after I shut down for the update and it rebooted just fine with the update and detected the new disk that I added to the array.


One issue is with the VNC browser viewer for VMs. same as here:

Disabling adblock didn't help but clearing browsing history does the trick. For anyone interested, under Chrome, you don't have to clear your whole history (I definitely didn't want that), you can clear only the "Cached images and files" from all time and you're good to go. It won't change much in practice, it just forces Chrome to redownload everything it put in cache which is exactly what we want here. 


Other than that, I wish we had an easy way to test features in a non-production environment in Unraid without buying another license and having other dedicated hardware. Making Unraid work as a VM in Unraid requires a lot of workarounds currently.


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16 minutes ago, dnLL said:

Making Unraid work as a VM in Unraid requires a lot of workarounds currently.

Not quite sure what you mean here?    I agree that you need an additional USB stick containing a valid licence for that USB stick but once you have that running unRaid in a VM is comparatively trivial to set up.  

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Not sure if I should open my own thread, but on my 6.9.0 server, theme engine is working fine, however on my two 6.9.2 servers it seems to be broken. Also to note, my 6.9.2 servers have the unraid.net plugin, does this change anything with the theme engine from community apps?


Also as a few others have noted, cant seem to maximize my docker/volume mappings. Little down arrow is there, but doesnt seem to do anything

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On 4/9/2021 at 2:19 PM, DarkMan83 said:

Does anyone still have the docker problem after reboot/cold boot?

each time only some dockers started (random and regardless of bridged or br0 etc.) after reboot and i have to disable and reenable the docker service?

Is it possible that some containers in bridge mode rely on other containers that are in br0 on your system and you have access to host enabled?

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On 4/7/2021 at 8:46 PM, limetech said:

Unraid OS has come a long way since originally conceived as a simple home NAS on a trusted LAN. It used to be that all protocols/shares/etc were by default "open" or "enabled" or "public" and if someone was interested in locking things down they would go do so on case-by-case basis. In addition, it wasn't so hard to tell users what to do because there wasn't that many things that had to be done. Let's call this approach convenience over security.


Now, we are a more sophisticated NAS, application and VM platform. I think it's obvious we need to take the opposite approach: security over convenience. What we have to do is lock everything down by default, and then instruct users how to unlock things.


I'm pleasantly surprised to see you officially acknowledging this. This is definitely a step in the right direction. Looking forward to follow how "security over convenience" will be implemented.

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Updated from 6.8.3 to 6.9.2.

I have the "no gui" issue too; running an old nvidia 8400GS in primary slot and a nvidia gtx titan black on secondary slot for passthrough (no nvidia plugin).

Mainboard is Asus z9ped8 ws.

To show the local unraid gui I need to force ALL legacy options in csm bios, otherwise all I have is a blinking cursor.

It was working with uefi options in csm (apart legacy for video) in 6.8.3.

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For me 6.9.2 does not work. At first it boots but after a few minutes the Nextcloud docker stops working, the shares are not reachable anymore and even rebooting the server fails (it gets stuck at the reboot counter). I need to hard reset in order to get into the web interface again. I downgraded the server to 6.9.1 and now it works again.

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