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[Plugin] Prometheus unRAID Plugins

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Hello, first off all.


Thank you for these nice plugins. Nearly all of them are working for me except the Adguard Exporter, I entered all informations the right way but when I start it, it instantly stops. I dont know why logs dont show any errors. I use my adguard home on unraid with its own IP-Adress. Docker allow host is enabled and so on.


I cant figure out why this wont work.

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Firstly thanks for all your hardwork. I use a bunch of your stuff and it always works great so massive kudos to you.


I have taken to learning Prometheus and am just getting started setting this up in my home environment. However when I go to the CA and search for Prometheus Node Exporter I don't get any results. I have 2 unraid servers at home and on both the CA isn't returning anything. Any thoughts on what I could be doing wrong?




Edit: Disregard. I was running a 6.8 release of unraid and just updated the OS and then it showed up for me. Thanks @ich777!!!!

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On 7/23/2021 at 1:24 PM, ich777 said:

Can you try to ping unRAID from the container Console and see if it actually can reach it?

You are right.. I cant ping my unraid server... Any clue? xD


I dont know how, but it fixed itself, after I restarted the whole unRAID xD

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@ich777 Sorry again , i founded what was a problem in afterburner remote server .

updated to MSIAfterburner.NET.dll from 

(This library was updated to resolve an issue where a large number of monitors (40+) would result in an 'Access Denied' error.)


So now i can enter to server by to see XML ... on my main comp and also tryed on firefox docker on unraid.  also by netstat i see :



but prometheus is down

(server returned HTTP status 500 Internal Server Error)and give 67 errors like :

collected metric "afterburner___percent" { gauge:<value:0.02 > } was collected before with the same name and label values

Maybe you know somethink about it ?



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6 hours ago, Masterwishx said:

Sorry again , i founded what was a problem in afterburner remote server .

I don't know what to say...

Was it working before? The thread is from 2018...


I still can't reproduce this error in my case it is just working, I will update the plugin soon so there will be a timeout if the VM or computer isn't started at the time when starting the plugin.


@alturismo do you know eventually what's the problem here, eventually a wrong version from MSI Afterburner Server?

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8 hours ago, alturismo said:

where are you getting these errors now ?


Like i sad :

So now i can enter to server by  to see XML data  on my main comp and also tryed on firefox docker on  unraid.  also by netstat i see :    TCP    ESTABLISHED     4)

but no XML data on ,but this setting i have in afterburner export plugin.


befor that was connection closed evey time and try again ,so it was problem of old MSIAfterburner.NET.dll

and more that 40 monitor units.


so now i have STATE is Down on  prometheus like in you last picture but is on.

and a lot of errors in /metric file ...

Буфер обмена011.jpg

Буфер обмена01111.jpg

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9 hours ago, ich777 said:

Was it working before? The thread is from 2018...


befor i was unable to access server at all from same comp,

now i can access from same and unraid firefox but no XML data on 

all XML data is on

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1 hour ago, Masterwishx said:

so now i have STATE is Down on  prometheus like in you last picture but is on.

I think something is very wrong here, seems like the Prometheus Docker can't connect to the Afterburner exporter that runs on your Server.


From what I see in the screenshot you experience a http 500 error from the exporter itself, but I really can't tell why.


Really can't help here... I'm out of ideas...

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2 hours ago, ich777 said:

Really can't help here... I'm out of ideas...


Yeah im out of ideas too 🙂

the good thing is that its wrote that is collected some values while serving metrics  ?!?

So maybe i will find somethink ...


also wanted to say that there is tool (PromDapter-0.9.19) to export from HWInfo in windows to Prometheus ,im using it on it can be founded on HWInfo forum ,maybe someone will be interested , the bad thing is HWiNFo

changes for free politices ,but we can use older version for unlimited mem share, for me for gaming machine monitor 12 hours is enougth for now... 


is any way to export data from speedtest tracker manually maybe?


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10 hours ago, jack0w said:

Appreciate when you replied you had a lot on your plate, not hassling whatsoever just checking it wasn't forgotten 👍

I will share info about that in the second post but I'm really busy in real life currently, hope things calm down a bit next month.

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(Please note that if you run your PiHole in a Docker container in a Custom network like br0 you have to enable the option "Enable host access" in your Docker settings, otherwise the plugin can't connect to your PiHole instance)

I may to tired, but after numerous google searches (the only hits is actually this thread) I cannot to my death not find anything on how to Enable host access for a docker. I am currently using "testdasi/pihole-dot-doh:latest" have I chosen the wrong image? Any help is greatly appreciated...



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Giving this a go as I needed to get familiar with Prometheus for work, and it looks really interesting!


One thing I've come across so far with the NVIDIA-SMI exporter plugin is N/A values seem to trip it up (from a GT 710), not sure if this is something that can be worked around or not?


strconv.ParseFloat: parsing "N/A": invalid syntax


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