Open VM Tools for unRAID 6


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Updated for 6.3.3

Uploaded a version for 6.3.4

Ugh!  I have done this to myself before.     The VMDK boot works just fine with 6.4.0, as along as there is a passthrough USB key.  My issue was I had a label on the VMDK called "UNRAID".  I

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New version should be working now.  I missed changing a single digit while updating the plugin while in an airport.


Howdy Zeron, Thank you very much for resolving this, oh, and please don't misunderstand my question as impatience - I realise you do this for gratis in your spare time. It's very much appreciated.

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There's a bug with your plugin zeron. When I updated and while still on kernel 4.1.18 it didn't install right. Here's the offending line:


elif [ "4.4.15" == "4.1.18" ]; then


Un-escaped $ in the build script.


Should be fixed now.

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Thanks for this plugin Zeron. Attempting to install on 6.17 returns "Cannot install /boot/packages/open_vm_tools- file not found." That file is missing, but there is an open_vm_tools- file in that directory. Is that what I should be installing?


Edit - After looking at the plugin code I decided it may have been a numbering glitch and changed the file name. It then installed fine.



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