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Hi, Just tossing in my2¢. My ISP (verizon) recently blocked Nyaa for it's users. I can still grab stuff off of Nyaa myself, by I came here looking for something similar, to route jackett through PIA to avoid my isp messing about (I think this would probably clear up some other sites that I previously may have thought were 'dead').


On 3/9/2021 at 4:50 AM, chris7r said:

Hey @binhex, Wondering if you can help me. I have had the delugeVPN working fine and still running fine with PIA(confirmed by setting up proxy on laptop and still getting VPN IP address). Jackett has been passed through delugeVPN container for quite a while and no issues until this past weekend where I am not sure what changed. My server for the most part is automated so I never really login other than to maybe sonarr/radarr to queue a download if something isnt automated.


The issue is Jackett seems to have stopped working, its not connecting to the GUI and on sonarr and radarr it cant search the indexer I had setup. If I remove the extra parameters(--net=container:binhex-delugevpn) pushing it through the delugeVPN container and set it back to bridge then it connects to the GUI fine so seems the container is working. 

I tried clearing the appdata files and starting fresh with Jackett but I am not sure what else to try. I am not sure why the GUI refuses to work now through the delugeVPN container. Any ideas?


On 6/1/2021 at 4:32 AM, binhex said:

most probably this is due to somebody who had previously used your currently allocated vpn ip spamming Nyaa, causing them to block that specific ip, you could try restarting the vpn container, this should give you a new ip and may (assuming nobody has abused that ip) get you through the block.


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7 minutes ago, schuu said:

what is this path used for, what were would be an ideal location?


That’s where you’re downloads folder is. Not useful for Sonarr and Radarr functionality, but useful if you want to manually trigger downloads via Jackett

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Can anyone help with this 

An error occurred while testing this indexer
Exception (kicka######): FlareSolverr was unable to process the request, please check FlareSolverr logs. Message: Cloudflare Error: No challenge selectors found, unable to proceed.: FlareSolverr was unable to process the request, please check FlareSolverr logs. Message: Cloudflare Error: No challenge selectors found, unable to proceed.
Click here to open an issue on GitHub for FlareSolverr.


removed the url from error, all other indexers working with privoxy accept this one. 

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