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Could someone explain to me the difference between the sync and downloads folders?
  -v :/sync \ -v :/downloads \

I'm guessing that you can sync from /sync and to /downloads

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Pretty sure the /sync folder is where you keep your folders, but the /download one is where the chunks of the files are stored while it get transferred.


Like any bitTorrent client, one place to download, one place to store the end result.


In the case of unRaid, the /download would require a lot write and read, so put that in a cache if you can, then the /sync might be where the final file is moved and no more write on it?

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On 2/6/2018 at 8:34 PM, Sniff said:

Is there a method to change some of the settings within resilio sync?  Specifically the advanced power settings.  Sync is set by default to rescan the directories every 10 minutes.  Folder_Rescan_Interval is set to 600 seconds.  Sync allows the change in the menu, then advises to restart to take effect.  Upon restart, all changes revert.  Is there a config file somewhere that we can alter?


Sync is spinning up my drives numerous times per day just to scan.  


I had this same issue and found a solution here: https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-resilio-sync/issues/7


I'm totally new to all of this so, to be clear, here are the steps I made: 

  • Update power user preferences in web-ui
  • Run the following code in unRAID terminal: sudo docker exec resilio-sync /bin/bash -c 'kill $(pidof rslsync)'
  • To test, I restarted my Resilio docker and verified the settings were saved. 

I changed my rescan interval to 86400 (one day). Also set config_refresh_interval, config_save_interval to the same value (as per this link). I have to wait to see if this allows my drives to sleep. My current sync is 30% complete. I feel like it should still sleep because the server sending to me is only scheduled to work from 10 PM to 8 AM (it's 4 PM now), but it may just keep the drive active while it waits. 


After my initial sync is complete I'm going to toy with the idea of rescanning once per week. According to this Resilio article it's really just a backup check. I'm amazed it's this difficult to change. I'm syncing a few TB and I don't think that's uncommon. 

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Dumb question about these rescan intervals and similar parameters: As it is on the unRaid/NAS machine, technically it will never have any change from there, but only from my peers folders (other computers). How does these settings influence this kind of settings?


I am confused with this sentence from your article above:

  • You've got really many files on your storage, so folder rescan time is comparable to the rescan period.


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I've been using Resilio-sync successfully for quite some time now, but recently it seems to have gotten stuck "indexing" one of my read only shares, which in this case, is /mnt/disk1. Indexing ran constantly overnight, I woke up to over 44 million reads on disk1 at the main unraid management page. I know I can view the logs for resilio on the docker page, but how do I grab those out short of a copy/paste of the log window?

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I copied out the resilio log from the link on the  unraid docker page, hopefully that's enough to go on. For what it's worth, resilio still is able to copy files from my local system to the destination system, all the while endlessly indexing disk1.


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I mapped another path (in addition to /sync and /downloads) in the container.

The path is mapped to an unassigned device, so mapped to /mnt/disks/,,,, 


I disconnected a synced folder, moved the folder to that path, and when I reconnect the folder and tries to change it's location 

to the new path I get the following error:

Sync Home does not have permission to access this folder.




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How do i mount another sync path in the docker? is it possible?


Im trying to setup my nextcloud folder so i can encrypt/sync to a remote server but i dont want to copy the nextcloud folder to the resilio Sync folder i have.?


Any suggestions please?

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So, I have managed to get eh docker running with Unraid (as a trial) but I cannot seem to find out how to get the Sync to see the folders on my share as I want to sync folders over the internet between 2 servers.


Can someone point me in the right direction please

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I set mine up like this. (see attached)


You can always add another host path for more folders.


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I have got a problem with this docker container. On one of my unraid servers I am unable for days now to reach the web UI with chrome (and any other browser) on my PC, but I can reach it with my phone without problems via wifi. It just redirects to /gui and asks for the password and then loads indefinately.


I do not know if it would be very helpful if I upload my docker log, since it is spammed with all info messages from the resilio client. (It created multiple GB logfiles over two days, so I rotate it now to 10MB, this should be fixed too, since the unraid resilio container does not do this, I am using it on another server)


Could someone please assist me in what information you would need to diagnose that problem.


This is a part of my docker log file, from the time I tried to access the page. I do not know if it is relevant at all, since it writes multiple 100 lines with information about my folders per minute... I removed the Hex code in the brackets, I did not know if it is personal data or not.

[20190215 21:25:50.106] PD[5BDB] [DDBA] (a:5): checking tunnel[0x1] connection to
[20190215 21:25:51.106] 21TunnelCheckConnection[0x2]: raised error SE_NET_TIMEOUT TunnelCheckConnection: timeout
[20190215 21:25:51.106] PD[E773] [B249] (a:2): failed to open tunnel[0x2] to - error: SE_NET_TIMEOUT TunnelCheckConnection: timeout enc: SRP, tunnels: 1
[20190215 21:25:51.106] 21TunnelCheckConnection[0x2][<NULL>] [B249]: destroyed
[20190215 21:25:51.106] 21TunnelCheckConnection[0x3]: raised error SE_NET_TIMEOUT TunnelCheckConnection: timeout
[20190215 21:25:51.106] PD[590B] [B249] (a:2): failed to open tunnel[0x3] to - error: SE_NET_TIMEOUT TunnelCheckConnection: timeout enc: SRP, tunnels: 1
[20190215 21:25:51.106] 21TunnelCheckConnection[0x3][<NULL>] [B249]: destroyed
[20190215 21:25:51.106] 21TunnelCheckConnection[0x4]: raised error SE_NET_TIMEOUT TunnelCheckConnection: timeout
[20190215 21:25:51.106] PD[2481] [B249] (a:2): failed to open tunnel[0x4] to - error: SE_NET_TIMEOUT TunnelCheckConnection: timeout enc: SRP, tunnels: 1
[20190215 21:25:51.106] 21TunnelCheckConnection[0x4][<NULL>] [B249]: destroyed
[20190215 21:25:51.106] 21TunnelCheckConnection[0x5][<NULL>] [B249]: created outgoing
[20190215 21:25:51.106] 21TunnelCheckConnection[0x5][<NULL>] [B249]: Connect to via TCP
[20190215 21:25:51.106] PD[E773] [B249] (a:2): checking tunnel[0x5] connection to
[20190215 21:25:51.106] 21TunnelCheckConnection[0x6][<NULL>] [B249]: created outgoing
[20190215 21:25:51.106] 21TunnelCheckConnection[0x6][<NULL>] [B249]: Connect to via TCP
[20190215 21:25:51.106] PD[590B] [B249] (a:2): checking tunnel[0x6] connection to
[20190215 21:25:51.106] 21TunnelCheckConnection[0x7][<NULL>] [B249]: created outgoing
[20190215 21:25:51.106] 21TunnelCheckConnection[0x7][<NULL>] [B249]: Connect to via TCP
[20190215 21:25:51.106] PD[2481] [B249] (a:2): checking tunnel[0x7] connection to
[20190215 21:25:54.613] 16TunnelConnection[0x8]: received ping
[20190215 21:25:54.614] 16TunnelConnection[0x9]: received ping

This is my config:


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Posted (edited)

Hi guys, i try setup resilio sync to sync my unraid share folder to network share. Where i can put source and destination?  I don't know how tu setup resilio sync. How to setup schedule sync?

Can you help me please?

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