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I have to say i am a fan of everything about unraid, from the ease of use to the simplicity of the setup. Everything works cleanly out of the box. Network setup worked out of the box with no major changes. This includes the complicated setup i have with 4 x 1g bonded and 4 x 10g bonded. In my case it was much easier then setting up other products.


One thing i would like to see in 2020 is a simpler method of setting up AD integration. I also think the interface could use a little more polish (think some of the more commercial offerings like synology and other platforms)


Another thing i would like to see eventually is better handling of the cached data in the cache pool.

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I’ve tried many different options to keep m y personal data save and even lost data because I didn’t know how to fix problems that came up. I was about to build a ProxMox system and install Freenas with Zfs when I heard about Unraid. Even though I knew very little about how a raid works, It didn’t matter, because Unraid was so easy to setup and start learning. I love how I can re-purpose old drives of different sizes and only have to worry about the parity being valid. The rest just works.

Unraid saved my sanity and now I can get on with organizing my life. Thanks to all who develop for it. 

In 2020 I'd like to see (if it’s not an obscene idea) better security for outside network access. I’m proud of my Unraid no matter how little it is and I’d love to monitor/manage it when I’m away from home... "My Precioussss" :)

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Oh where to start. I’ve only been using unRaid for about two weeks. I love how easy it is to get up and running. It’s very impressive. I have very minimal Linux experience, no docker experience and I was able to to replace everything my windows server was doing and then some with ease. I love how easy it is to add storage that is still protected. I also appreciate that LimeTech doesn’t feel the need to do everything themselves. There are containers that do things very VERY well and there is no reason for LimeTech to spend time and maintenance to implement things that are already handled (and that won’t apply to most users). 


As far as new features. Multiple SSD supported pools would be nice as others have mentioned although I haven’t personally felt the need to have them I can see where they would be preferred. I mostly just want them to focus on core functionality that applies to every user, not just things that some users want. Actually, back to one of the best things about unRaid as mentioned above (they don’t feel the need to implement everything and maintain it) it would be kinda cool for like, unRaid approved/recommended containers. They could work with the developers. Like binhex, linuxserver etc and maybe work things out to ensure updates , support etc. then they can be aware of developer a getting out of the game and can find developer b to take over with the same or another solution. I hope that makes sense. It makes sense to me haha. 

On another note. Shout out to the community for being so awesome!!!


EDIT: I actually would really like to see shadow copies. Like I want share x to be on all my drives. But I’d also like to see it locked down a bit. Like. A size limit in relation to a percentage of the smallest drive etc. (as it should really only be used for important things) it would also be cool

of you could sync that share with cloud storage as well) 

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It's been great over the last year using Unraid, from spinning up linux vms in seconds, hosting game servers for friends, hosting my family home movies and picture,to backing up all the pcs on my network.


The single feature I've wanted was a way to "snapshot" vm xmls. When customizing xmls for my threadripper build it took MANY iterations to get it right from switch numa nodes, pinning cores, and many custom edits. Every time an edit was made and I need to change the form view, all of these were reverted. It would be nice to be able to take a snapshot of a known working xml, maybe even have a dropdown menu of several saved templates. This would save so much time when making custom edits, and save a lot of unorganized copy-pasting to text files on my PC.

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I love that I can add drives addhoc to expand my space as required, and that I can upgrade my license as required, it makes managing my data much easier, and I don't need to go through long rebuilds to expand a parity array.


What I would like to see is a simple way to set a static ip for dockers on the bridge network. I like the idea of having dockers have a way to directly communicate with each other, however the addresses change sporadically and I loose the connection until the next time I manually check, which is not always often.

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One thing i like:

The ability to add new features using docker and plugins.


One thing i would like to see added:

On the webUI, be able to browse community docker/plugins directly from a database. The ability to filter these would also be useful in finding functionality I hadn't known about.



I am new to UnRaid(still in 30day trial), so I just found the community apps and associated plugins with search. So I would change the item I wanted added would be to create VM snapshots. (until I find that later on during my playing with this.)

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Just one thing, this is going to be hard, if I can only say one thing it would be the ability to add any hard drive whenever I want more storage.


Feature request for 2020; Nvidia Driver support on unraid.



If unraid adds driver support for graphics cards, then that would mean that I wouldn't have to run a VM 24x7 for no reason. Currently I have to run a VM 24x7 just to get my graphics cards to enter low power mode. I only have need for a VM a couple dozen hours a month. I hope LimeTech does add Graphics driver support soon.


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