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Good morning, afternoon and evening to anyone reading this.

I have been trying to "convert" or whatever the term is, an image I found online from Docker Hub to run on UnRaid with no success. Would really appreciate it if someone could configure it so that it works. The image and github page of the docker container I would like is as follows:

Docker Image:

Thank you so much!!

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just wanted to second the Joplin request.  They offer a web app and its already dockerized. I suspect it would be trivial enough to create an unraid template for this from the docker compose source.

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I would like to Request for IOBroker docker template, as im not able to get it working :(




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On 8/24/2016 at 1:16 PM, Jammie said:


I would like to second this request for Mayan EDMS.


There's currently a Docker container on docker hub (source on GitLab) but it doesn't support upgrading. I'm currently looking into it myself, but I think someone with more docker experience would be able to do it easily.

I'd like to request Mayan too!


Paperless is good but I need something with multiuser support.

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I was able to pull bubuntux/nordvpn, which is a Nord VPN service utilizing Wireguard, as an ordinary docker from Docker hub.  I was able to modify the config file and get it to run using docker-compose. I have to launch it from the command line, and while its running I can pause it and stop it. from the Unraid interface. I haven't yet figured out how to configure it for other dockers that might want to use the tunnel.  I think more than anything, it needs a docker menu to help reconfigure the service, but I haven't figured out how to create a menu file. Any tips of borrowing another apps docker menu and modifying it to work for bubuntux/nordvpn would be appreciated.

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Since everyone is aware of google removing their unlimited photo storage. I only see fit to have LibrePhotos (Self hosted Google Photos clone). Seems to be a fork of OwnPhotos, but with some much needed bugfixes.

Found a DockerHub and attempted to install via CA, but no luck. If anyone was able to get this working please let me know.



Demo Site:

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