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Monitor Mover Progress?

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Very helpful.  When I saw the tail, I realized I could just click on the Log from the WebGUi and watch progress.  Exactly what I wanted to see.


that said, I'm not seeing the used space decreasing as mover progresses.




Shouldn't that decrease and freespace increase as mover operates - or will it only free up the space when complete?


Why I ask this is I was curious how cache works for continuous operations.  Say I'm moving more files that fits on the SSD.  If i start the copy (to get the Fast SSD file transfer) to cache, then immediately start mover, would it be able to 'stay ahead' of freespace.  Essentially using the cache in both operations simultaneously.  It probably would impact performance, but was curious if it would work that way...

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It wouldn't decrease. Let's say the move failed half way through because the target disk filled up.  You wouldn't want to lose the file, right?  A move operation is really more like a copy then delete.

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So this is an interesting update.  I've stopped moving files and was expecting the cache drive used space to decrease.  Instead I'm saw the opposite even after file transfer stopped.


The webgui log shows a steady stream of file activity...



With no files being added, cache appeared to be getting full?

was - http://my.jetscreenshot.com/12412/20150627-84p5-40kb.jpg

now - http://my.jetscreenshot.com/12412/20150627-5x3o-102kb.jpg


But what it appears is that the cache used/free display lags behind operations.  Its now getting smaller.  So I assume that the cache used space is only updated periodically and not real-time.  Is this correct?

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I can’t monitor so how do you know when done?  Also I couldn’t tell it was going so I started mover twice...

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If the button was reenabled then the move was done

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