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Please add FTP next to SMB in settings/Network Services. I would love to be able to configure FTP via the GUI.


I would also love to be able to tell who is logged into the ftp server and what they are downloading and at what speed.  Stats like how much a user has downloaded would be nice too.



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I posted on lounge forum but probably is better there :


Ok so i'm trying some tests with the sleep addon of simplefeatures.


If i manually put the server in sleep with the simple features button on the main gui I CAN wake it up without problems from my main pc or from my htpc with xbmc and WOL addon.


If i setup a sleep scheduling with simple features with only these configurations :


Wait for array inactivity:  Yes

Extra delay after array inactivity (minutes):  75

Interval of network / device inactivity (minutes):  5


I CANNOT wake it up from my pc or from my htpc but only pressing the power button on the server.

I tried to set

Set WOL options before sleep:  g


and even ethtool -s eth0 wol g  before and after the sleep  but nothing,i cannot wake the server.


What the hell is happening ?

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Please add FTP next to SMB in settings/Network Services. I would love to be able to configure FTP via the GUI.


I would also love to be able to tell who is logged into the ftp server and what they are downloading and at what speed.  Stats like how much a user has downloaded would be nice too.




By default setting up the FTP is currently a real PIA. I keep trying and getting close. Then permissions and links and such get me all confused, so I quit and try again later. Then the process repeats itself.

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I am having trouble changing the settings for SimpleFeatures. For example if I go to the stats settings and set "Show network graph:" to "yes" and click apply, it is automatically set back to no instead of keeping the value yes.


Do I need to change permissions somewhere so that the web gui can write these settings to a file?

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Where can rc3 of SimpleFeatures be downloaded from?


I've been looking on the googlecode link in the first post but only see an RC2 release of the base package. Is that the most recent? Or is there a rc3 available that I am missing?


Many thanks - and I'm really looking forward to using what looks to be a great plugin!

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One thing i've noticed, but never bothered to report is the cache drive mover settings don't remember your settings for "weekly". If I set the day to Saturday, press apply, it goes back to Sunday on the UI. However it does actually run on Saturdays.

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First off, thanks for a brilliant web UI speeding_ant, and some brilliant additions / plugins. Much prefer your method of working it as opposed to the unMENU way. No offence to the brilliant work of the unMENU devs, its entirely personal preference!


Here is my question / request!


Recently opened a topic reference Bonjour Sleep Proxy Client Registration ( http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=21326.0 ) and am awaiting a package to try it myself, tho Im told it works well.


I'm wondering if you would be interested in either making a dedicated add on package for your "SimpleFeatures" Plugin, or possibly incorporate the source scripts into your S3 sleep package?! (https://github.com/awein/SleepProxyClient )


Any thoughts would be welcome! Thanks again!



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If i add just ONE data disk to my system, so no parity disk etc, the simplefeatures view shows the status "Array of two protected disks".

See attached screenshot. Not even is my array not protected, there is only one physical disk.


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I can't add users using the 'Users' tab. Looks like they're not saved. Pushing add or done doesnt do anything.


Also, on the 'Shares' tab, there is no way to setup user permissions for a share, like the unRAID manual shows, or does it show up when there are more users than just 'root'?

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If i take a look at the google repository i see a lot more plugins then there are on the start topic page.

Is there some description about what each plugin is supposed to do?

Do you have some support website other then this topic where more info can be found?


I'm curious about what the 'folder caching' plugin does, en why there are 2 extra (?) webservers, one is called PLG, what does that mean? How do we use the Itunes plugins?


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Can somebody point me in the right direction to properly configure the "Email Notifications" settings in SimpleFeatures?  For the life of me, I cannot get this to work (test email always fails) using my gmail.com address.


Many thanks!


Note that if you use multi-factor authentication with gmail, you will have to generate an application specific password for unRAID.


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What is the command when setting the server to Sleep from the GUI?


I see issue to wake my server..... the OpenVPN client is not resumed correct when usiing the sleep script, BUT clicking on the sleep button and then wake my server, OpenVPN works correct!



Hope you can assist me ;-)




Removed eth0 flag, the resume is OK


Looks like this was not right, it looks like its still have the same issue......


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I'm not sure about the correctness of the unRaid stats. In my case, there seems to be no correlation between the cpu graph and the info shown when using the top command. E.g. if i do a copy, smbd and shfs will keep the cpu busy for almost 100% for a long time, and it just doesnt show in the stats. The stats show just 25 or 30% cpu use. Also sometimes the graph extends to 150%. Not sure what that means. I'm not actively overclocking ;)


Furthermore, als the network graph just basically stays empty all the time, just some glitches now and then. And i was copying to the server all night and all dat today...


See attached graph.


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Top is relative to one CPU core (real or HT). The SF graph is a combined view of all cores.


Regarding network, depends on how you use your server. When datapoints are taken every 2 minutes, you're bound to miss most packets if you're viewing a TV show or copying something small. If you keep viewing the page then the stats are updated every 2 seconds, meaning you'll see a better overview of performance.



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