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Hi, using the VPN should be the same as being on the physical LAN, I don't have any experience with fritzbox though.


One thing you need to make sure is that port 2382 is available on the VPN.


Maybe you're restricting some ports if coming from the vpn tunnel ?

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ControlR works from inside your local network and assists you in managing your unRAID servers.   Features: - Manage multiple servers from a beautiful user interface - Manage docker

@jbrodriguez My son has decided he doesn't like your app. He was giving me some lip so I threatened to shut off Plex. *Click* Plex Docker was shut off from the comfort of my couch and no more videos f

If you have opened ports to your server then you are probably already getting hack attempts from all the bots out there.

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Hi, this generally appears when some  software other than unraid is listening on port 443.


This can happen if you have a proxy in place, you can probably look into that.


I'm thinking to rewrite the plugin, so that this will be a non-issue in the future.

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Hey there,

Just posting my two cents as I was blocked for quite sometime to connect with ControlR.


Password with special characters will have a tendancy to mess around (":"";" or other"$"). When switching for testing to only alphanumeric characters, it worked like a charm.

I am still wondering what my next choice is, stay alphanumeric and a longer password or ditch ControlR app.


Any thoughts on where does it came from or if it is something that could be fixed?




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2 hours ago, Ty42 said:

stay alphanumeric and a longer password

More alphanumeric characters is way better for security than a few special characters. The longer the password the better. A camel case 5 word sentence with no spaces is WAY more secure than 8 special characters.

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Hi. Just downloaded your app and found a bug...

Don't know if someone reported this already, but 43 pages are far to many to scan for information :).


Bug description:

Docker status "paused" ist not shown correctly. My paused docker containers are shown as "started".




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At some point in the last month or so this app has stopped working for me and i can no longer connect to my unraid.  Possible it's because I updated to 6.9.0-rc1 and went in on the early access My Servers thing?


Edit: my app is on iPhone if that makes a difference

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Hey there,

just purchased and installed ControIR on my Android phone. I am trying to access my Unraid server (LAN, version 6.9.1) which is accessible via web GUI from my desktop, but I can't add my server in the app (neither automatic nor manual works). What can I do to add my local server?

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17 minutes ago, SundarNET said:

I can no longer connect to my server from this app I also cannot change the port number

all good now, I forgot that you have to connect to port 80 and not the controlr port

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