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When your support post has been solved please edit your title post with (SOLVED) to let others know your issue has been resolved. For Example. 


Drive unresponsive ---> (SOLVED) Drive unresponsive


As well if somebody just happens to have the same problem and does a search or sees it they might be inclined to see what was done to trouble shoot the problem so they might solve it the same way. 


Obviously if its a problem is still in progress and your still troubleshooting do not edit your topic. :D

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If your problem is solved, or was a simple misconception on your part, then please do NOT delete the thread.  Other users may still find it interesting, and there may also be links within other threads to your posts

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Can I just remind people to mark their discussions as (SOLVED) when they have had a satisfactory outcome. I"m not a moderator, just a daily 'browser' of the forum and it's becoming tedious seeing the same open discussions when they should be closed off tidily. It helps everyone. Thanks.l

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