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We got complaints before too when we switched from smf to IPS originally (because of the white). We are looking into options for folks, but none of this stuff is as simple as "just make another theme option" or "make it so we can change the font color / size".


Theme creation takes a lot of time, effort, energy, and testing.

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8 hours ago, pkn said:

...that limetech fell for this "more air" designers scam. This forum theme is horrible. Why did you do this guys?

I don't notice any "more air" in the new layout. It's about the same amount of spacing. But the used font is a grade larger.

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I think the new Site improved the organization of some information for the better.  For example, clicking the "Pricing" link provides a lot of information that had previously been found deeper in the Site or the absence of had generated a bunch of forum questions.  The content is incredible.


The problem for some is a matter of accessibility.  And it is a real thing for people facing issues with sight.  Some things can be compensated in the browser if the Site codes for it.  Some things.

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14 minutes ago, jonp said:

Just an FYI, we are actively working to create an alternate black on white theme for folks to choose from. Stay tuned!

I am sure this will be much appreciated by many.


I was among those requesting a darker theme after the previous forum redesign since the white background/black text was hard on my eyes.  I got used to it and did not even think about it until this latest change.  I like the new darker theme and website/forum design, but, I can understand how this theme may be as problematic for some as the white theme was for others.  We don't all have the same eyes, so, choice is good.


If the forum theme is the source of the most complaints about the new site, all involved have done an excellent job with the rebranding/redesign.

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56 minutes ago, Hoopster said:

If the forum theme is the source of the most complaints about the new site, all involved have done an excellent job with the rebranding/redesign.

Thanks, we put a lot of work into it and its only the beginning.  We have a LOT more in store for everyone beyond just marketing work.  This simply laid the foundation for bigger and better things to come.

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On 8/29/2018 at 1:41 AM, jonp said:

.. it's frankly no "more air" than the old white theme. 

Frankly, it is. Even more on other pages.  Simple check: look at unraid.net/product page and compare layout of the page itself ("material design" all the way) with the compact one on unRAID/Main screenshot on the same page.

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After consideration -- it's good though that you guys realize that this whole "more air" concept is a scam.
I still don't know what you are talking about. The marketing site at unraid.net, the forums, or the webgui? The marketing site is a responsive design site designed by some true pros. We are more than happy with it and I'm sure most newcomers will find the messaging a lot easier to understand. Not sure what there isn't to like about it, but like most designs, some will like it, some won't. We generally believe that more will like it than what we had before (otherwise we wouldn't have changed it).

The forum theme is not any more "air" than what we had prior to moving to unraid.net.

The webgui screenshot featured on the product page shows we are keeping the UI design predominantly the same with minor aesthetic changes to show some branding consistency.

We do not intend on redesigning the UI to have "more air" like the marketing site. We and our designers know that what is desirable for a marketing site and a product UI aren't the same.

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