Unraid 14th Birthday Case Badge Giveaway

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Been using unRAID for a few months now. Currently using it as a media server with Plex and also have a Win10 VM on it. I'll be looking to expand it for IP camera storage with ZoneMinder and for DVR(once I purchase the Plex Pass).


I did a lot of searching for an OS that would fit my use cases and unRAID hasn't let me down. Having such a helpful community is wonderful.

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Happy unBirthday! 


I've been an unRAIDer since March 2019 by accident.  Was looking for server to replace aging Windows Server 2003.  I have been bouncing around with different OS's (UNIX, Linux, OSX, Windows, etc.), computers, off the shelf consumer NAS gigs (Intel, Buffalo, WD, Dell, Netgear, Seagate) for personal and business, for over 25years trying to find the Holy Grail of the computing world.  All have shortcomings mostly in support, cost/time of maintenance & importantly inevitable data loss.


In comes unRAID, unRAID Community (and Docker, & Docker Community too).  BAM!

VM's solved the OS nightmares.

NAS scalability, high availability, data protection solved!  Tested new array configuration (scalability), hot swap & data corruption, cache change/corruption (performance impact).

Micro-services - just getting started with NextCloud, Letsencrypt, Nginx, MariaDB, WordPress, etc.


Everything has been humming along for almost half a year now without any issues.  Feels really good when you know things just work and you know recovery is a simple swapping of SW/HW and the Community has your back.

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Just started using unRAID it was extremely easy to setup and use, I was able to convert all of my esxi VMs over and migrate my docker instances easily.

I'm up to 12 storage drives and counting, looking to max out the drive limit :).

Even if I don't win, I'd love to be able to purchase one of the badges if they go up for sale.

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First off, I'll admit that I don't currently use Unraid.. I'm using software from another vendor.




I'm peering over the fence.


While it may have been convenient at the time, I need to grow my data pool.. but I wanna do it at my own pace. Trying to grow a data pool at four or more drives at a time, is just.. simply hard on the wallet. So, these days as I browse for server parts, Unraid crosses my mind.. the perks it offers, like expanding a drive or more at a time, GPU pass-thru - those are the two that stand out to me the most noticeably.


Happy birthday, Unraid! You've got my attention.. I'd like to put your sticker on my rack.

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I've been using Unraid for a good 10 years now, moving from a couple of hand-me-down gaming PCs to finally building a real (for me) dual Xeon 30TB media server with 13 data drives, 2 parity drives and a couple for SSDs for cache. I run about 20 Docker containers and a couple of VMs for good measure. Last week an old drive died, and the server was down a total of 10 minutes for the drive swap with (of course) no data loss.


Oh, and I'd love one of the badges for my server.

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I have been using Unraid for years. It started out as a neat tool that progressed into what I would consider now a necessity. The compatibility, reliability and flexibility is unmatched for the price. The community in and of itself is the backbone and is priceless in my opinion. I highly recommend unraid to all of my tech friends. In my many years of using unraid 24/7 I have had little to no major issues whatsoever.


Hats off to Unraid



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I've always wanted to have my own media library for my home theater and a gaming PC that both a friend and I could use at the same time.


I now run a modest Plex server and multiple other Dockers and recently just built a "2 Gamers, 1 CPU" style rig for gaming. UnRAID has made it possible for me achieve both of these goals. Thank you!!

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On 8/9/2019 at 9:08 AM, meep said:

Happy birthday unRaid!


I've been a user since at least v4. I did have an affair with Storage Spaces when they came out in Windows 8, but came back to unRaid when VMs were added. (I'm one of the soldiers that bought in to Xen, all the manual configs and all the pain, only to find KVM became king!)


I've been blogging about everything unRaid enables me to do for over 7 years now. In that time (and still) the platform allows me run;

  • Whole house network attached storage (!)
  • Whole house audio system (squeezebox based)
  • Whole house PVR & media (Emby + Kodi)
  • Home Automation & IoT (Thanks Docker!)
  • Multiple Hackintosh/Windows 10 VMs
  • Multiple headless utility VMs
  • Virtual HTPCs
  • LAMP architecture to support automation as well as occasional web dev projects
  • Lots of other bits & bobs I've likely forgotten


And the bit I love - I can run all this on a single box. It's allowed me decommission any number of devices and systems. One Box To rule Them All.!


I've just rebuilt my unRaid server with a Threadripper CPU to act as a foundation for the next number of years. A limited edition case badge would be the crowning glory.;



First off, great looking build. I would love specs, because I am planning a Threadripper build for my one box to rule them all setup. Waiting on 3rd gen TR to see if that will be worth it, or just grab a 2950. My plan sounds like yours, but mine feels like.. overkill? (Is there really such a thing if you're going to use it all in theory??)


My plan is to have 1 Windows 10 VM with passthrough to nvme drive and some AMD card, 1 Linux VM with the same setup, MS Server installs and Linux servers that don't need a video card to perform well on a SSD, then about 5 10TB drives for storage, running pfsense, plex, filezilla, and anything else I can think of.

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On 8/12/2019 at 3:15 AM, devilz said:

Happy Birthday. 


Running unRaid on my Odroid H2 - replaced 2 RPIs in my network and running a lot more services now!




Holy crap. Unraid on an Odriod? Thats awesome! Never considered doing that.


I have Unraid on a Dell R710 with 2x 6 core CPUs w/ HT (24 logical processers) and 64GB ram. I'm 82% full on a 28TB array... Need more disks!

Unraid has opened up so many options and it just keeps getting better and better.

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