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1 minute ago, eds said:

I can access Nextcloud when it has its own ip.  It's when Nextcloud network type is bridge mode, I cannot access. 


 Yeah -- I am baffled.  Logs for each container tell me nothing.   Very weird.  


Will keep looking around.  May have to try another solution.   This is the only docker that give me issues when in bridge mode.  

Did you use port 443 or 444? If you used 443, try using 444.

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On 1/11/2019 at 6:16 PM, jbear said:

Note sure if anyone replied on this, but files can't be added to Nextcloud by copying them directly into the user profile in the file folder.  You must leverage webdav, web interface etc.  Alternatively, iI you do choose to add them in this manner, you would need to invoke the occ tool from the command line, there is a parameter to add them to the database with files:scan.  Not sure if this would make sense or not.


Hope this helps.


I was able to find a workaround and use the "external storage" app and also creating another path in nextcloud docker to point to the folder.  So I don't create the folder in nextcloud but the "external storage" app created the folder for me and point it to my folder on the shared.  This been working for me so far.

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I suddenly cant get into my nextcloud. The client app is saying "No connection to nextcloud at [my server], timeout. When i try to access the webui on unraid, i get a connection timeout error. Everything was working yesterday and I haven't made any kind of configuration changes since then, and neither nextcloud, mariadb, or letsencyrpt logs are showing any kind of errors. I've verified my nextcloud settings, tried restarting my dockers, even the whole server and nothing fixes it. Any ideas on where to go from here?

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4 hours ago, ceyoung75 said:

I have a question, i am trying to move a bunch of pictures *5 gig worth over to a new unraid nextcloud container. Is there a way to do this faster then drag and drop through nextcloud UI?  If so can you show me the docs or if its command line let me know how....Thanks

I suggest you read this post, on how to add shares to Nextcloud without the need of copying/moving files:


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Anyone using end2end-encrytpion and got it working succesfully?


I've got it set up, and it works for adding a small amount of data at a time. Adding multiple photos or large videos makes the entire thing crash. It seems to be unstable at best. My android client can see the files, but not delete them. Sometimes they show up as encrypted even though they should be unencrypted. It stores the files in an uaccessible tmp folder which still has the files after the upload crash.


Any tips?


EDIT: The github for the app also contains plenty of unresolved issues, so it might not be ready.. unfortunately.

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I'm trying to get the background jobs to run every 1 or 2 hours instead of every 15 minutes, but I don't see any cron jobs under root that are kicking off the cron.php.  Am I not putting this together in my head on how this runs?


Does anyone know where the cron job is that is running that?



Nextcloud 15.0.4

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5 hours ago, levster said:

What is the way to link a folder somewhere else already on the same server to the Nextcloud? In other words, if I store most of my photographs in a share Pictures, how wold I link to it in Nextcloud?

inside nexcloud, download external storages, then:

On 1/21/2019 at 8:43 PM, 1812 said:

Edit docker settings for Nextcloud 

Add path/port/variable

Give it a name, then how you want it presented inside the container (ex:/thiscrap) then the path on unRaid share you want available. If you’re just doing online viewing, set to read only if you like (I don’t think it will complain)


container should restart


Login to nextcloud web gui

Go to settings by clicking on the letter on the top right corner

Scroll down to administration section, click external storages

click add storage

select local

under configuration-location put in the container mapping you used before (/thiscrap)

Give  it a folder name, add users or groups, then save.


And done.


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Out of no where Nextcloud login broke its giving me a 500 when I try to login to the web interface. I use LDAP login which worked for a while until now. LDAP is still working fine as Bookstack can still use it. Any idea how to fix it. I have seen a few errors about no BaseDN or no LDAP filter in the log file under data How can I check the LDAP config without the web gui?

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So I have nextcloud setup behind letsencyrpt reverse proxy per Space Invaders Video.  I can get into nextcloud and all that, but it seems I am unable to add any applications.  I just get a spinning wheel in the left pain under developer documentation.  Any ideas?  I would like to get this fully functional to start using it to sync photos and such with my phone and not use any other "cloud" storage options.




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I cant say for certain it's your issue, but I had a similar complication on an ubuntu server where I had used as dns when making the ip static. Turns out it had to be

To get the apps added there's a workaround, which is to manually download them from the github and then adding the folder to the nextcloud/html/apps folder. 

Once you add them you can go back to the gui and enable them.

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I can't say for sure what your issue is because I used Nginx Proxy Manager to get nextcloud up and running.

Perhaps you would have better luck using that?

I tried to follow the instructions per spaceinvaderone's video and it did not work for me. 


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On 2/4/2019 at 1:37 PM, ceyoung75 said:

I have a question, i am trying to move a bunch of pictures *5 gig worth over to a new unraid nextcloud container. Is there a way to do this faster then drag and drop through nextcloud UI?  If so can you show me the docs or if its command line let me know how....Thanks

One solution might be to load the client software on your computer. Paste the files into the local folder you specified for the client.  Let it sync in it's own time.  This will allow you to copy the files in a few minutes, then the client will do the rest.

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nevermind, i found the aswer by accident.  And it was quite simple but thanks to everyone for helping.  And just incase the way i did it was to take the "user" folders out of the server and drop them on my hdd.  When i rebuilt nextcloud i moved the "user" folders back into the nextcloud main folder (not appdata) and when i assigned the user back it picked up all pics and docs.

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