Unraid OS version 6.10.3 available

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5 hours ago, itimpi said:

Most of the time the upgrades are painless but is always worth taking precautions against anything going wrong.   Make sure you have a backup of your flash drive before attempting the upgrade as you can then easily revert by copying the backup back onto the flash drive.  

It is a good idea to turn of auto-start of the array until you have done an initial check after the upgrade.   Temporarily disabling the Docker and VM services is also not a bad idea.


The one item that most frequent lay causes problems is if you have VMs with hardware pass-through as the IDs of the hardware can change.   In the worst case you can find an ID associated with a GPU now ends up assigned to a HBA.  Make sure that you do not have my VMs set to auto-start until you can check the passed through hardware.


Thank You! It seems to be going smooth so far!

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