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  1. in my case mariadb works fine with ferdi-server. but i got a problem with the "Reset your password": i filled EXTERNAL_DOMAIN from template.
  2. Sorry, hatte vergessen mein Ergebnis zu Posten: Es wurde am Ende die CyberPower CP900EPFCLCD 900VA/540W. Ergab am Ende für mich das beste Preis/Leistungsverhältnis und (laut Tests) einen vertretbaren Eigenverbrauch (von angeblich ca 2-6W). Mein Setup: Unraid Server (ca 50W), Ubuntu Server (ca 10W), Fritzbox, Raspberry Pi 3b, Raspberry Zero, Switch 8 Port Laufzeit Laut USV ca 40 min. Das reicht für mich um nen kurzen Stromausfall zu überbrücken, ohne dass alles direkt runtergefahren wird. Die USV ist per USB mit dem Unraid Server verbunden. Aus den CA habe ich
  3. yes. hm... okay. any ideas what to do next? i don't really care about these 2 seconds on page refresh, but maybe there is a bug? if i uninstall the UD Plugin the page reload is fine.
  4. i don't have any Drives or Shares in UD mounted or auto mounted. i don't know why, but the UD Plugin effects on my SSD Cache Pool when i visit the Main Tab. An example video is in my first post. This is every time i reload the main page. If i delete the UD Plugin, my Cache Pools appears without any delay. *edit* okay, you can't see it, but there are no shares or drives mounted with UD in the video
  5. thank you @JorgeB, the "Unassigned Devices" Plugin causes the delay for my SSDs. Maybe @dlandon can take a quick look?
  6. so i have to trial-and-error deleting Plugins, or is there another way to find the plugin who cause this?
  7. In safe mode the Cache Pool appears normally, like the last week. Diagnostic is from safe mode.
  8. Hi, after my last reboot the cache pools needs 2-4 second to appear in the Main tab. Example: Diagnostic is attached
  9. So, today after 9 day uptime i got another crash, but this time i saved diagnostics. i am out of ideas...
  10. Hi, today the Fix Common Problems Plugin showes me: i never get this bevor. What should i do next?
  11. *edit* Sorry, war zu schnell beim abschicken. Versuch mal in den Einstellungen deiner VMs das "Network Model" auf "virtio-netvirtio" zu ändern, das hat mir geholfen.
  12. So, last steps i did was deactivate C6 State. But today i rebooted the server and i got this again: Jan 17 08:59:26 Microserv kernel: ------------[ cut here ]------------ Jan 17 08:59:26 Microserv kernel: WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 22049 at drivers/net/tun.c:2065 tun_do_read+0x37b/0x480 [tun] Jan 17 08:59:26 Microserv kernel: Modules linked in: xt_CHECKSUM ipt_REJECT ip6table_mangle ip6table_nat iptable_mangle ip6table_filter ip6_tables vhost_net vhost vhost_iotlb tap tun xt_nat veth macvlan xt_MASQUERADE iptable_filter iptable_nat nf_nat ip_tables xfs nfsd lockd grace sunrpc md_mod
  13. Memory Test was fine, but i still getting this:
  14. Hi, i am using an Opteron x3418 in my HPE Proliant Microserv Gen 10. Is this also and still relevant for an Bulldozer - Opteron X - Toronto Wiki with Unraid 6.9.0 RC2 and further versions?
  15. After my last post, i updated the BIOS and activate the syslogs on USB. Today Unraid crashed again. Display Port didn' work and the last Lines from Syslog are: Jan 4 12:16:41 Microserv dhcpcd[1551]: br0: Router Advertisement from fe80::e228:6dff:fe6a:5c37 Jan 4 12:26:22 Microserv dhcpcd[1551]: br0: Router Advertisement from fe80::e228:6dff:fe6a:5c37 So, now i do a Memory Test, but i don't know what to do next.
  16. Same for me: Line 340 and 1067
  17. Does the NUT Service for shutting down the Server uses the ACPI script?
  18. disabling the external power button is also interesting for me. my bios doesn't offers an option and i can't unplug the button, because it is on the board (see the picture)
  19. Hello, my Unraid Server crashes every few days. I tried updating from 6.8.x to 6.9.0 RC2, but i can't reach a full week. I created a syslog server on a raspberry pi, to save some logs. I have a monitor connected with DP and VGA, but there is no reaction, even if a hit some keys on the keyboard. I can't connect to server with SSH, no answer with pings. So i hope you can help me solving my problems. So here are the latest Logfiles: auth.log authpriv.log cron.log daemon.log kern.log local0.log : 2020-12-24T08:39:12+01:00 Microserv
  20. thanks for clarification. @diamkil saw you post in plex subreddit a week ago and now there a two Overseerr containers in CA. Hard for me to choose, which one i should use and why.
  21. plz try this: "Clearing the Movie Pre-Roll Video field under Settings > General" and take a look in the Server Logs under Setting -> Consols. Maybe it is a corrupted Database
  22. Hey, i saw your overseerr release in CA. Can you tell me what the difference is between your and @diamkil release?
  23. if i delete all custom tabs, i can shrink the window and all icon are still displayed. maybe there is a way that custom tabs are like the "normal" unraid tabs?
  24. hi, i've got a problem, when i shrink the browser windows. the buttons on the right disappears, while i am using custom tabs
  25. @Mephistopheles danke dass du deine Lösung teilst. Für das Einrichten des Reverse-Proxy kann ich dir nur die Video von Spaceinvaderone empfehlen. Er benutzt SWAG, andere schwören auf Ngnix Proxy Manager. NPM hat den vorteil eines WebUI, SWAG hingegen hat z.B. Fail2Ban integriert.