Interview with Spaceinvader One

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I love his topics as they have all proved to be very helpful. With the different ways he has illustrated the methods to remotely access unRaid GUI and VMs, I have been waiting for him to help with a solution to get around Carrier Grade NAT. With all of my own domain, DuckDNS domian/ subdomains, as well as some from afraid dns I still can not push through the CNAT. All following his guides over the past few years of course.

I have tried OpenVPN docker, NGINX proxy Manager, Zerotier, and a few others. When I had a static IP it was no issue, but sadly I can no longer get a static IP address from my ISP. I know this is right up his alley and he would most likely be the one with the solution.

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I got into unRAID because it was one of the only ways I found that I could come up with a NAS, and 2 windows 10 4k gaming machines in one box.
We currently are currently doing travel nursing around the U.S. Every 3 months we pack up the hardware, and reset it up in our new hotel or apartment. I like the fact that we run a parity check every 3 months, helps determine if our HDDs survived the trip!

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