Unraid OS version 6.6.3 available


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To all the updaters and beerdrinkers in the whole wide world:


I hope your choice is wise, real german "Dunkles Hefeweizen". Will update my servers today after work with a cold "Dunkles Hefeweizen" from Gutmann. This is a traditional family brewery (located inside an old castle) in Bavaria since 1855. So if you ever come to Bavaria, go and visit the brewery for a guided tour. I don´t work for them, but I like their stuff.



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18 minutes ago, thany said:

Still wondering if it's worth upgrading from 6.5.3, as I have no idea what the changes are?... Am I missing something?

Well, you want one of us to go through all of the updates and pick out the ones that are important to you?  Come on, give us a break.  Everything in these updates is important to the various different users of Unraid for different reasons!  Some are security updates.  Some are  updates to Samba, some address hardware issues, driver issues, incompatibilities, and some are new drivers for the latest hardware.    


It is easy enough to roll back if you find some issue or you can request assistance to solving the problem.  But understand that waiting until some future version in the distance future may give you a lot of upgrade problems because of the small adjustments and tweaks that were detailed out as each update came out.  You will have to make your own decision about about when to move up to a new version but I can assure you that keeping in the current major release version will give you the fewest problems over the long haul!  (Plus, unlike other software, all updates are FREE!!!) 

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2 hours ago, cyberspectre said:

I'd like to upgrade from 6.4.1, but I want to be able to go back if something's wrong. My unraid USB disk is 16GB. If I copy all the files into a 'backup' directory, will reverting be as easy as copying them back into the original location?


When upgrading to 6.6.x, the upgrade process automatically creates a "previous" folder on the flash drive and copies the necessary files there to facilitate a roll back, if desired.  If you want to roll back, you just go to Tools-->Update OS-->Restore.

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