Unraid OS version 6.8 available


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9 minutes ago, bonienl said:

Type "exit" and choose as boot option the emulated cd-rom with the ISO image

(you propably need to press the "enter" key to start from cd-rom)



Typing exit gets me to the text-like menu.  There is no 'Boot Option' menu entry.

Under 'Boot Manager' menu there are 4 choices:

UEFI Misc      If I select this nothing happens.

EFI Internal Shell      This brings me back to the Shell>  prompt




Under 'Boot Maintenance Manager' there are:

Back to Main menu

Add Boot Option  (blank, nothing to choose)

Delete Boot Option

Change Boot Order  (allowing me to rearrange the order of the 4 choices above).




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1 hour ago, KillerNAS said:

Unraid rocks!

Upgraded to 6.8.0 with no real dramatic issues.

Only thing I found was when reinstalling 'UnRaid Nividia' for GPU pass through the plugin is not listing the latest nvidia drivers for 6.8.0, however I selected 6.8.0rc9 and this driver seems to be OK.

You do know that the two are separate? The nvidia build is a complete unraid build and you need to wait until the nvidia build of 6.8 is out before you update. Updating to stock unraid and then choosing the latest available nvidia build will downgrade unraid.

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8 hours ago, itimpi said:

What browser are you using?   I see this using Microsoft Edge, but others work fine.  

I'm using Brave with dark mode turned on. The previous Unraid version had no issue with dark mode though. Firefox in dark mode is working fine. Thanks for letting me know the issue is not in all browsers.

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Dunno if this is expected behavior or not, but I was running 6.8.0-rc9 and after logging in and shutting down both my WHS 2011 and Windows 10 VMs, via RDP,  and then trying to log into the web interface for the unraid server so I could do the update to 6.8.0 stable, the server crashed and rebooted.

When it came back up it detected an unclean shutdown, as expected, and would have run a parity check if I started the array. I decided to just upgrade the server instead of bringing the array back online and waiting a day for the parity check.


After upgrading and re-booting, the array showed parity is valid? I'm running a check anyway but I just thought it was weird.

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4 minutes ago, Michael_P said:

After upgrading and re-booting, the array showed parity is valid? I'm running a check anyway but I just thought it was weird.

That's normal, flag is cleared after a clean reboot, it doesn't clear if the parity check is canceled and the array re-started without rebooting and it starts another check, seem to remember it wasn't like this before, but not certain.

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7 hours ago, ijuarez said:

upgraded no issues, however after upgrade it started a parity check, even tho it had finish one yesterday before upgrade.

This probably indicates it wasn't able to write the array status to flash before rebooting, so it thinks you had an unclean shutdown. You should see that indicated in your syslog.

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